10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. February 8, 2017
10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity

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Obesity is a health problem that can have serious consequences, although it may not seem so. There are certain dog breeds that are prone to obesity: for that reason, if you are considering adopting a dog, it is very important to know if they are at risk of developing weight problems.

Other than an inadequate or excessive diet, the failure to get the necessary physical exercise for the dog's size and age is a key factor that contributes to certain dog breeds being more prone to put on weight than others.

This is why at AnimalWised we will point out 10 dog breeds prone to obesity so you can take care of your dog and keep them healthy if they belong to one of them.

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The Pug

The Pug is a dog breed with a strong tendency to become overweight. Unlike other breeds, the Pug's capacity to withstand exercise is negligible. Because of their build and characteristic flat face, Pugs have difficulties breathing.

Therefore, subjecting Pugs to prolonged exercise will adversely affect their health as it will punish their cardiac system. The best thing to prevent obesity in Pugs is monitoring their diet, as intensive exercise should be ruled out.

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - The Pug

The Dachshund

This dog breed, commonly known as "Wiener dog" tends to become obese easily. Dachshunds have a complex morphology, with a trunk-like elongated body that is totally disproportionate for their short legs. This means that the Dachshund's stomach is proportional to the size of the body, but too large for its legs.

This breed has an added problem: the length of the body causes Dachshunds to suffer from ailments in their spine, something called intervertebral disk disease or IVDD. Being overweight aggravates this tendency: like the Pug, the Dachshund must be fed frugally.

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - The Dachshund

The Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is the dog breed that is most likely to get fat according to the general opinion of vets worldwide. Fortunately, they enjoy a vigorous build that allows them to develop a capacity for considerable exercise.

Therefore, you must take care you feed your Lab properly, giving it low-calorie quality feed. If you're wondering how much exercise do Labrador Retrievers need, check our article on the subject for more details.

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - The Labrador Retriever

The Scottish Terrier

This magnificent breed has a genetic tendency to suffer from hypothyroidism. This causes a tendency to gain excess weight and develop other related dermal and cardiac pathologies.

The Scottish Terrier is perfectly capable of carrying out enough exercise. If you find that your Scottish Terrier starts to gain weight, take them to the vet without delay.

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - The Scottish Terrier

The Basset Hound

The magnificent Basset Hound can stay slim if you use a suitable dry feed in the right amount and motivate them to perform the necessary exercise.

However, the Basset Hound is a very quiet and good-natured dog that enjoys a considerable appetite. In addition, they are among the laziest dog breeds, and they would love to stay on the sofa all day long. But if you love your dog and want to care for their health, you must not let them get away with it.

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - The Basset Hound

The Beagle

This charming breed, as in the previous case, can stay thin. The issue is finding a balance between food eaten and exercise. It is true that as a result of their appetite the Beagle is prone to obesity. However, they are a very dynamic breed and love to play and exercise.

Limit your Beagle's food intake and give them the opportunity to play with you. Just like that, you'll manage to enjoy a healthy Beagle dog.

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - The Beagle

The Rough Collie

The Rough Collie is an excellent dog. It is remarkably agile and able to do a lot of physical exercise, besides being really smart. However, Rough Collies suffer from a marked tendency to put on weight if overfed. The veterinarian should set out strict guidelines for the proper nutrition for your Collie.

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - The Rough Collie

The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a dog with a limitless appetite, and obesity is one of their most common diseases. We must restrict their food intake to the minimum amount while still within healthy ranges: your vet should set out a guideline to follow.

Once the Bulldog becomes overweight, it is virtually impossible for them to lose weight. Similarly to the Pug, their physical constitution is not suitable for doing powerful exercise. A disproportionate effort may cause the English Bulldog to collapse, given their breathing difficulties.

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - The English Bulldog

The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd requires a certain amount of strenuous exercise. If you cannot provide this amount of exercise, they are very likely to gain too much weight.

Therefore, the amount of food should be proportional to the amount of daily exercise your German Shepherd can do. A dog that lives on a farm and can run around until tired will not need the same as one living in an apartment and going for a couple of walks a day.

Being overweight can aggravate the breed's tendency to suffer hip dysplasia, a condition common to many German Shepherds.

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - The German Shepherd

The Boxer

The Boxer is prone to hypothyroidism. One of the consequences of this disease is weight gain. It is desirable that the veterinarian complete an annual check up if there are problems with the thyroid gland.

The Boxer is capable of performing a considerable amount of exercise. If there is a good correlation between food intake and exercise, your Boxer will remain in shape.

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - The Boxer

Preventing obesity in these breeds

Obesity is a serious health problem in dogs as it may cause muscle problems and lead to the emergence of some diseases such as hip dysplasia or arthritis. To prevent them, it will be very important to prevent obesity in the first place.

If you adopted a dog who already suffered from obesity or if your pet has gained too much weight without you being able to remedy it, it will be very important to see your veterinarian to find out how to help them lose weight. Specific exercises for obese dogs can also be very useful to treat and prevent this problem.

Here ends our list of 10 dog breeds prone to obesity! Do you know any others? Do not hesitate to share your comments and opinions!

10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity - Preventing obesity in these breeds

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10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity
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10 Dogs Breeds Prone to Obesity

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