10 Reasons Why You Should Walk Your Dog

10 Reasons Why You Should Walk Your Dog

Dogs are active animals that need two to three walks a day, but do you know why?

In this AnimalWised article we will explain why it is so important to take your dog out for walks, and why letting it out to the garden is no substitute for a walk, and many other aspects about dogs, their needs and their behavior that you may not know.

This is a very important habit that you should carry out on a daily basis, because not doing so can be extremely harmful for your dog's health and happiness. Read on and discover 10 reasons why you should walk your dog.

Dogs need to do their business

The first and most important reason why you should take your dog for a walk is to let it do its business until it feels satisfied.

Except for puppies that still can't go outside or are learning to urinate, it is very bad to allow your dog to urinate and defecate in the house. Besides making your home smell bad, you will be creating an environment of significant unhygienic conditions which can lead to serious health problems for both the dog and you.

It allows them to socialize

Socialization is the process by which your dog learns to interact with other dogs, people and different environments and objects.

Even though a dog begins its socialization process when it is a puppy, it is still important for adult dogs to interact with different stimuli, from people to object, to prevent it from becoming fearful or aggressive and developing behavioral problems.

Sniffing allows dogs to alleviate stress

The third of the 10 reasons why you should walk your dog is more important than you think. Letting your dog sniff around helps it feel good, and if you notice that your dog is stressed it can be a great relief. Do you know why?

While many people consider smelling urine to be something dirty or unpleasant, there is no need to be worried if your dog has correctly followed its vaccination schedule. It is a natural behavior that helps dogs to find their bearings. By sniffing, they get to know other dogs that live nearby, which calms them down.

Dogs need exercise

Apart from senior dogs, dogs with joint problems and puppies who are still growing, it is very important for your dog to get the right amount of exercise according to its needs, which will depend on its breed, size, age and lifestyle.

Going for walks and exercising will help your dog sleep better, relieve anxiety and ultimately be a happier and healthier dog who has everything it requires. You can combine walking with running or playing fetch.

In order to be happy, your dog should get at least 5 minutes off the lead per day in an area where you're legally allowed to do so. Do you do this?

Dogs need to mark their territory

Dogs mark their territory in order to communicate with other dogs without being present. Each dog's urine has a unique and specific smell, and it carries much more information than you might think. For instance, a female can let male dogs know that she is in heat through her urine, while any dog can tell others that the space is already conquered and that they shouldn't invade it.

Dogs need to explore

Dogs are curious and adventurous animals. Going outside provides them with an endless amount of different stimuli that keep them entertained by following trails or discovering new places. A simple plant might be worth taking a look at. Exposing your dog to new situations will greatly improve the quality of the walk for them.

Walks strengthen the relationship with their humans

Another of the 10 reasons why you should walk your dog is that walking dogs undoubtedly improves their relationship with you.

For dogs, going for a walk is one of their favorite times of the day. The fact that you take it out for a walk means that it will hold you in high esteem and that it will get excited each time you go to get the lead and harness. A walking dog is a happy dog, even more so if it is accompanied by you, its favorite human.

Dogs absorb vitamins from the sun

If you didn't know why dogs like sunbathing, you'll now learn something new. The sun provides dogs with vitamin D, which promotes serotonin production and helps them sleep better. It also relieves joint pain that older dogs may be suffering from. Isn't that great?

By taking your dog out for a walk, you will help it to get its necessary exposure to sunlight.

Dogs find it great fun!

For dogs, a walk is synonymous with fun and joy and is something that makes them truly happy. As such, it's very important that you take your dog for a walk with a positive attitude.

Play music or appreciate the benefits of getting some extra exercise, as it will make the dog feel much happier.

It is the dog's own time of day

To finish off with the 10 reasons why you should walk your dog, we need to mention something very important: Going for a walk is a time of the day that should be special and exclusively tailored towards the dog.

Avoid doing obedience activities and training during the entirety of the walk, pulling on the lead and making it spend the whole time focusing on you. This is its most important time of day for your dog, and it should only be focusing on its own well-being. Let your dog have fun!

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