10 Tips to Photograph Dogs

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. July 17, 2017
10 Tips to Photograph Dogs

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In today's world photography plays an important role. Books, media, the Internet, social networks, instant-messaging , and other infinite options allow us to consume, send or receive photographs of all kinds. Social networks serve to share with others what you think and what you enjoy. This also includes the time you spend with your pet.

A fun photo shoot between your dog and you will not only relax them, but also allow them to share all their affection with the world. Many dogs and cats around the world have their own Instagram or Facebook account, where their families publish the most hilarious or sweet moments of their pets. Who says that yours cannot be one of them? That's why we present these tips for photographing dogs.

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1. Discover the world from your dog's perspective

A very common mistake when photographing animals is to do it from a human perspective, without putting yourself at the level of your pet, from where they see the world differently. Doing this will just make your photos distant and lifeless.

We encourage you to crouch or throw yourself on the ground if necessary, so that you perceive things as your dog does and you can take an excellent photo. Lie down next to your pet and you will get a beautiful picture of them and the world around them.

10 Tips to Photograph Dogs - 1. Discover the world from your dog's perspective

2. Concentrate on their expression

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and this not only applies to people but also to animals. The gaze of your dog expresses their mood and we assure you that it will show a lot of their personality perfectly.

3. Do not force situations

Attempting a portrait of your dog expecting them to remain still is a little complicated and you will most likely be frustrated. Dogs, even the most tranquil ones, are rarely immobile for long while awake.

Instead, take advantage of playtime, racing and fun moments to capture the whole personality of your dog while doing what they like the most. A spontaneous photo will show more accurately the essence of your dog, especially if they feel happy.

4. Carry their toys

A dog's favorite toys will not only be useful to keep them distracted, but you will catch funny moments. You can start a fun fight with their favorite doll, or use it as a decoy on your head so they look at the camera. However, you can also use a stick or any object that is nearby.

10 Tips to Photograph Dogs - 4. Carry their toys

5. Keep a camera close at all times

Whether it's your mobile phone or a digital one, if you want great pictures of your dog it's best that you always have a camera nearby. Pets are so witty and amusing that you never know when they'll do something fun or adorable.

6. Never use flash

If you've ever been dazzled by a flash you did not expect, then imagine how annoying this is for your dog, who is not even aware of what a photo is. When it comes to capturing those great moments with your pet, flash should be completely discarded. Not only will it be unpleasant for your pet and frighten them, but often their eyes will go red or with they will make an unpleasant expression.

10 Tips to Photograph Dogs - 6. Never use flash

7. Search for natural light

The best photos with your pet will be taken with natural light. If you find yourself playing with them in the park, take advantage of the opportunity and take some, without neglecting what your pet is doing. If indoors, places closest to windows will be best to receive light from outside. The results will be satisfactory.

8. Set up your camera

If you take the photos with your cell or mobile phone, chances are that it does not offer you many options. Look for a type of exposure that better captures the light and colors of the environment.

If, on the other hand, you use a camera, whether digital or film, you can make broader changes. For very restless animals, using the burst option is quite useful as it allows you to take many pictures in just seconds, ideal for capturing the action of a game or a race.

In the same set up, adjust the shutter at a fast speed, for greater sharpness and precision. If you want to experiment, you can even try different objectives that allow greater light input, or even with a fisheye.

9. Do not put the camera too close to them

Dogs are often very nervous if we manipulate objects too close to their face, then we can see some signs of appeasement that indicate that they feel uncomfortable:

  • Gloating
  • Turning their head
  • Yawning
  • Showing us their back
10 Tips to Photograph Dogs - 9. Do not put the camera too close to them

10. Have fun!

Taking a picture of your dog or taking pictures together should be fun and enjoyable for both and a way to share your lives. Enjoy yourself as you take photos, and when you look at the end result. Good luck!

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10 Tips to Photograph Dogs
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10 Tips to Photograph Dogs

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