10 Tips to Save Money on Pet Care

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. January 11, 2017
10 Tips to Save Money on Pet Care

The care and maintenance of your pet can result in spending lots of money, and this is certainly something you must take into account before adopting an animal. However, there are ways you can keep a pet healthy and happy affordably.

If you are going through a difficult time economically speaking, do not worry. Here at AnimalWised we've compiled 10 tips to save money on pet care that will make living with your best friend much more affordable. Read on!

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Go to the vet

Keeping your pet healthy is extremely important. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, taking your pet to the vet regularly will save you money in the long run. Identifying a disease early will result in a better diagnosis and therefore a more effective and economical treatment.

The amount of vet visits will vary depending on your pet's age and species, but in general you should take your pet to the vet every six months, if they are adults and healthy overall. Younger and older pets are more susceptible to disease, which is something you should bear in mind.

10 Tips to Save Money on Pet Care - Go to the vet

Take advantage of neutering campaigns

If you are considering the advantages of neutering your pet, don't hesitate to get informed about neutering campaigns taking place in your country. You will find associations, veterinary hospitals and various organisations that offer to cover half of the costs of the process.

Prepare your own snacks

Although it may not seem like too much money at first, the treats and snacks you use to reward your pet can actually sum up to a considerable expense at the end of the month. Making your own pet snacks and even preparing homemade food for your pet can help save you some money.

We recommend:

10 Tips to Save Money on Pet Care - Prepare your own snacks

Learn how to buy pet food

Choosing a balanced feed or pet food brand can be a real headache for pet owners. Knowing how to choose a good product and find a deal that suits what you're looking for seems complicated, but it is not.

Here is some advice on making the right decision:

  • Choosing a good diet for your pet is very important, as their health and daily energy levels depend on it. Use the internet to learn about the most suitable diet and visit forums to compare notes. Local products are often cheaper. Examine them and assess their quality.

  • Once you've found the ideal product, try to find an a shop that doesn't overdo it on the extras. Buying pet food online is often more affordable and allows you to compare prices.

  • Once you know the unit price of the product, start looking for deals. The internet is full of cheap bulk packs. We recommend looking for deals with small bags so that the food won't harden over time.

Comparing prices and proper online searching will help you find the best deals of the market. Take advantage of the discounts!

Make toys for your pet yourself

Although there is currently a wide range of prices for pet toys and accessories, the truth is that you can make pet toys yourself, which will help you save money on pet care.

Try to be creative or get inspired with tutorials that show how to make DIY pet toys. Take a look at our article on the best five toys for cats for ideas, and don't forget that even something as basic as rope can be magical for your pet.

10 Tips to Save Money on Pet Care - Make toys for your pet yourself

Choose durable products

If you have a cat, a bird or a rodent, you will probably spend money on bedding every month. Choose cheap materials that do not produce an odor and are mainly long-lasting is very beneficial for saving money on pet care. Take a look at this guide to types of litter for cats for more information.

Bathe your pet at home

If you have a small rodent or rabbit you probably won't dedicate enough time to bathing it. However, a dog or cat needs a much more regular bathing routine to prevent bad odors. Bathing your pet at home will save you a lot of money at the groomer's.

Remember that there are dry shampoo products for pets, which can also save on water consumption. However, you should never use shampoo or other hair products for humans.

10 Tips to Save Money on Pet Care - Bathe your pet at home

Insurance for animals

Just like going to the vet, preventing accidents is better than dealing with them after they happen. If you have a potentially dangerous dog or a horse, for example, getting insurance is advised in order to avoid any possible unforeseen situations and save money on pet care.

Provide excellent care and love

Your pet's longevity and quality of life depend largely on the care they receive. Lots of cuddles and affection reduce stress, and keeping a close eye on your pet can help you notice certain diseases appearing in time. Don't disregard this advice - showing warmth and affection to your pet is free and way more useful than you think!

10 Tips to Save Money on Pet Care - Provide excellent care and love

Adopt, don't buy

Essentially, adopting a pet does not only have a very low cost in comparison to buying an animal, but also offers a new opportunity to an abandoned or abused animal. Encourage the adoption of animals and don't promote people who benefit from breeding and selling.

These are our 10 tips to save money on pet care. What are yours? What do you do to keep your pet affordably? Tell us in the comments section!

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10 Tips to Save Money on Pet Care
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10 Tips to Save Money on Pet Care

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