10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: December 13, 2018
10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat

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If you have a cat as a companion, you already know how sweet and smart these animals can be. Cats can form deep bonds with their owners; those who don't have cats can't possibly imagine how special this relationship can be. This is why cats are among the most popular pets in the world, and why many cat owners look for unique presents to give their pet for Christmas.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your kitten? You've come to the right place. In this AnimalWised article we've compiled a list of the best 10 unique Christmas gifts for your cat; get inspired and treat your cat over the holidays! Read on and discover our favorites.

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A homemade Christmas recipe

What a treat! If you're one of those people who love to cook, including delicious recipes for cats, you'll discover how Christmas can be the perfect day to pamper your cat with homemade food.

If you've never prepared a recipe for cats before, we recommend taking a look at our homemade fish recipe, where we detail how should the ingredients be cooked to be suitable for cats. The main ingredient for any dish for cats should be meat or fish, but you can add small portions of vegetables if you want as long as they're not any of the forbidden foods for cats.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat - A homemade Christmas recipe

A DIY grooming brush arch

We all know how much cats enjoy grooming themselves and being brushed, so your cat will surely love this brush arch grooming toy. Although you can buy this kind of brush at a store or online, you can easily make it yourself by fixing a long brush onto a base with some pliers.

Your cat will love this new and purr-worthy way of grooming!

10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat - A DIY grooming brush arch

Catnip: Guaranteed fun!

Have you ever tried catnip with your best friend? If you're ready for a day of fun, games and activity, catnip is an great choice to stimulate your cat and have new experiences.

Catnip is not a toxic substance, so there's no need to worry; here you can learn more about the properties of catnip. However, you must take care not to exceed the recommended dose, as it has a narcotic effect that can be dangerous. Check the labels and leaflets of the product carefully.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat - Catnip: Guaranteed fun!

A water fountain

Are you looking for something a little more original? Why not give your cat a water fountain?

Cats love fresh, constantly renewed water: Have you ever caught your cat staring in fascination at the water stream flowing from an open faucet? An interestingly-shaped water fountain is a perfect and unique Christmas gift for your cat, and on top of that it's practical.

Your cat will enjoy drinking from the brand-new water fountain, but they'll also have lots of fun exploring how the new "toy" works and trying to put their paws in the water.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat - A water fountain

A cardboard house

It is a well-known fact that cats love boxes. You could spend lots of efforts and money searching for the perfect gift for your cat, but it is quite likely that they will be fascinated by the container or wrapping instead. Why?

Cats love feeling cozy inside a nest; it makes them feel protected and secure. This is why making an original and cool cardboard house for your cat out of old boxes is a very good choice. And to match the season, why not make it Christmas-themed?

10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat - A cardboard house

A cave-toy for cats

As we've said, cats love enclosed and warm spaces. Have you ever found your cat burrowed under just-dried clothes? This kind of nest or bed is shaped like a ball, which catches the cat's attention and calls them to enter and explore.

Once inside, the cat will realize that it feels comfortable and sheltered, like in a burrow or a cave. You'll always find your pet there!

10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat - A cave-toy for cats

Intelligence toys for cats

Intelligence toys for cats stimulate their minds through challenges. These toys are very beneficial to boost the intellectual development of kittens and to maintain mental alertness in adult and senior cats.

There are very different kinds of intelligence toys, and some of them are also food dispensers. Whenever the cat succeeds in the challenge, intelligence toys have something to reward them. Do some research and find out what intelligence toy is the best for your cat's needs.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat - Intelligence toys for cats

On the catwalk

Cats are excellent climbers, so why not assemble a small footbridge in your home?

This kind of adventure circuit can be a source of fun for them. In addition, this type of structures are ideal for newly adopted animals or for families that have other animals. Your cat will find a place to take refuge and have some quiet time out of everyone's reach.

In addition to the catwalk, you can also fix scratching posts or beds to the walls so that they look suspended in the air. Your cat will go crazy with joy!

10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat - On the catwalk

A classic: Tasty treats!

If homemade recipes are not your thing, you can always opt to buy snacks for cats in your local pet store. Since it's Christmas, make it special: You can find cookies for cats, bacon strips, sticks, balls...

Offering tasty treats for cats as a reward is the perfect way to train your cat through positive reinforcement. Get a few different snacks to discover your cat's favorite!

10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat - A classic: Tasty treats!

What is the best gift for cats?

You can pamper your cat with gifts, toys and treats all you want, but they won't appreciate it if they don't have anyone to enjoy them together. Always keep in mind that cats are social animals, and they need someone by their side to share special moments as a family.

Besides all the material Christmas gifts you can give your cat, the best treats are always affection and warmth - and not only during the holiday season, but in their daily lives.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat - What is the best gift for cats?

Those have been our favorite 10 unique Christmas gifts for your cat. However, there are many essential and basic utensils that will make your cat very happy and make your life much easier as an owner.

Take a look at our basic cat checklist and discover what you're missing!

  • Premium food cans for special occasions
  • A soft bed
  • Blankets
  • Cushions
  • A scratching post
  • Brushes
  • Sandpit
  • Food bowl
  • Toy mouse
  • Plush toys
  • Wool balls
  • Balls that make noise
  • Fishing rod for cats
  • Collar

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Cambree Blinn
Hello! Im new to this website, and since x-mas is soon, i need to find the purrrfect DIY for my cat as his gift. Any suggestions? ( FYI, thats a pic of my cat, Boots )
10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat
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10 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Cat

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