14 Halloween Costumes for Dogs

14 Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Many owners make the most of Halloween to dress up their pets, including them in their family's celebrations.

AnimalWised have picked our favorite 14 halloween costumes for dogs, so you can take away some spectacular and original ideas. Whether you want to make a homemade costume or just need some inspiration as to what you can buy online.

Whatever you're planning on doing, this article will give you lots of fun suggestions. Halloween is upon us - so start thinking about a costume for your dog!

1. Pumpkin dog

There are many versions of the pumpkin dog, which is an all time classic dog Halloween costume.

2. Ghost dog

The ghost dog is a cheap and easy option to make at home. The difficulty lies in getting the dog to keep it on!

3. Invisible dog

If you don't have a dog but you want to do something related to them, the invisible dog is undoubtedly a fantastic option. At the risk of looking weird, crazy and even slightly demented, it is a very funny costume.

4. Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman is a Halloween costume that definitely requires a lot of dedication, knowledge of needlework, time and an extremely docile dog. This costume will make you stand out wherever you are, and might even cause one or two shocks in the crowd.

5. The three-headed dog from Harry Potter

The three-headed dog was one of the most interesting (animal) characters from Harry Potter. You can accompany your three headed dog by also dressing up yourself as a character from the legendary saga that captured children across the world.

Another version of the three-headed dog, although in miniature form.

6. Game of Thrones dogs

We couldn't not include something from the worldwide phenomenon, Game of Thrones. This John Snow costume is clearly very successful! Learn about the wolves from Game of Thrones on AnimalWised.

7. Star Wars dogs

We couldn't ignore any Star Wars costumes in this collection of Halloween costumes. In fact, we even dedicated a whole article on them...

8. Wizard dog

Another Halloween classic is to dress up your dog as a wizard. You can try to stop them taking the hat off by tying a bow underneath their head.

9. Hannibal Lecter dog

This costume is only suitable for dogs that let you handle them, dress them and like being picked up. This original attire will undoubtedly make your dog stand out from the rest (and is even a little bit frightening).

10. Rocker dog

We must admit that this costume goes fantastically with the English bulldog, although it can be applied to all kinds of dogs. The rocker dog (or its punk version) is funny, dark and perfect for the night of Halloween...

11. Maleficent dog from Sleeping Beauty

If you're blonde and want to dress up with your pet this Halloween, we've found the perfect costume for your dog: Maleficent!

12. Spider Dog

Ever since someone had the somewhat sadistic idea of unleashing panic in the YouTube world by dressing their dog up as a spider and using them to scare people, the costume has become a go-to for dogs. So what are you waiting for?

13. Dog bitten by a crocodile

We aren't sure if this costume is very comfortable for the dog when it comes to urinating, but after taking them for a walk and giving them some treats, they will let you dress it up as if they are being eaten by a crocodile. Another option to create panic in your city. (We apologize to anyone with a phobia of crocodiles...)

14. The undead dog

This costume will certainly give a tremendous shock to your friends and colleagues when they see your dog for the first time with a false knife in their head. You'll find it at any costume shop, and even though it is intended for humans it will also work excellently with your furry friend.

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