15 Things You Should Know About Cats

15 Things You Should Know About Cats

Cats are very sweet pets that will provide company in your home without having to dedicate too much time and effort. Cats are among the best pets you could ever have, and without doubt, the most beloved all over the internet!

You'll never understand the special moments a cat can give you - in its own feline way - until you've lived with one. Aside from a scratched sofa, you will discover an amazing animal who is going to offer you really fun and interesting times.

In this AnimalWised article we will look at the 15 things you should know about cats if you still don't have one.

1. Cats are very sleepy

A cat can sleep up to 18 hours a day! These animals love to curl up in a comfortable place to rest. However, don't think that this will be boring - the positions cats sleep in can be really strange and picture-worthy.

2. Cats are more vain than you

Cats are constantly cleaning themselves; they love to see that their coat is pretty and styled, just as they deserve. They can spend up to 4 hours a day preening and grooming their coat. Of course, you should be careful with the dreaded hairballs.

3. Cats lick you

Have you ever wondered why cats lick? If a cat licks you, it does not mean that it is trying to groom you too; it is showing that it loves you.

Here you can learn more about cat body language.

4. Cats love their stuffed animals

Don't get jealous, but it's true that a stuffed animal can make a cat happy and become its new best friend. They get all nice and warm after hugging them or spending hours alongside them. Anyway, the fact is that cats love their toys.

5. Cats are very affectionate

If someone tells you that cats are not affectionate, they are lying. Although cats are more independent, they are, without a doubt, very social animals that enjoy moving their tail in front of your nose. Cats love to watch you, rub up against you and even let you fuss over them for hours.

6. Your cat will decide when you should stop fussing over them

Cats have a lot of personality. If they get tired of you, they will let you know. Don't panic if you get bitten while petting them, it is simply just tired of you... For now.

7. Cats love to talk

Although it is hard to distinguish at first, cats can pronounce up to 100 different sounds. Their ability to produce a variety of sounds is 10 times higher than that of dogs.

8. Cats don't wake up in a mood

Unlike people, your cat will not wake up in a bad mood, quite the opposite: they love waking up and saying good morning, hoping to get a cuddle in return. They are very sweet! Enjoy this precious image from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

9. Cats can be somewhat... Persistent

Cats are the masters and commanders of your life. They will do whatever they want. If you decide not to open the door to let your cat inside in the morning, it can spend a good amount of time meowing - it's better to just obey.

10. Cats stop being as independent

When a cat gets used to you, it cannot be without you. The truth is that gradually you will observe responses that are more attentive towards you, your behavior and your habits. You might not be able to wander through your house without it meowing at you, following you wherever you go.

11. Cats disappear in wardrobes

Dark, fluffy clothing, warmth... The things needed to create a more favorable environment for napping. Cats adore wardrobes, if you've opened one, check inside before closing it.

12. Cats know how to ration food

Cats know how to ration their food. A bowl full of food can last days. Their only weakness is a can of wet food. In that case, they will not be able to resist finishing it in one sitting.

13. Cats are hilarious

Don't miss out on a cat's antics, they are very funny animals and you can enjoy their hilarious shenanigans every day.

14. A black cat is good luck

Although there is the idea of black cats giving bad luck, in the UK and Asia everyone believes the opposite! These cats are very popular and are a symbol of good luck.

15. Having a cat makes you live longer

Among the benefits of having a cat, helping you to relax stands out as they are great pillars of support in combating stress.

The peaceful feeling they give off when they sleep or their purring when we pet or cuddle them promotes a more peaceful and serene way of life, which results in a longer life.

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