4 Recipes for Dog Ice Cream

4 Recipes for Dog Ice Cream

Thinking about making some ice cream for your dog? Do you want to cool them down and offer an amazing treat at the same time? In this new AnimalWised step by step we will show you how to create 4 super easy and fast recipes for dog ice cream. Do you dare to try them?

Remember that it is very important to choose the ingredients well, especially if your dog is sensitive to certain foods or suffering from some kind of allergy. If so, we'll explain what you should do. Take note!

What you need to make dog ice cream

Before you start making this ice cream for dogs we will explain what you need to prepare it, the ingredients used and some details to keep in mind:

  1. Ice cream moulds/ice lolly moulds. If you do not have a specific one you can use a plastic cup or any other container that you consider appropriate.
  2. Stick dog treats. They will hold the ice cream in place and are edible, so your dog can eat them without any problems.
  3. Blender or hand mixer. Fundamental to achieve a smooth consistency.

Ingredients for making ice cream for dogs

  • Rice milk
  • Sugar free natural yogurt

As a base to make the ice cream we have decided to use rice milk and natural yogurt without sugar. The latter, because of its low lactose content, is not harmful to dogs. On the contrary, it is a good dietary supplement for dogs that are fed homemade recipes.

If you prefer, you can use a lactose-free yogurt or water directly, your dog will like it too. Of course, never use cow's milk, dogs do not digest it well. Try opt for plant milk - there are an array of options out there!

  • Banana: it is rich in fiber and suitable for dogs suffering from constipation. It provides minerals, energy and vitamins but must be offered in moderation.
  • Watermelon: it is very rich in water, perfect for hydrating your dog in the summer. Remove seeds and offer in moderation because of their high fructose content.
  • Carrot: it is very beneficial for its antioxidant properties, for purifying and digesting. It strengthens the teeth and is good for vision.
  • Cantaloupe: is a source of vitamins A, E, is antoxidant and diuretic. Remove the seeds and offer this fruit in moderation.

These are some of the recommended fruits and vegetables for dogs, but you can use others that you consider more beneficial or to your dog's liking. Remember that if your dog suffers from hypersensitivity or allergies, it is best to offer them a water-based ice cream and a fruit or vegetable that can be digested with ease. Check with your veterinarian if you have any doubts or questions.

Recipe 1 - Banana and rice milk ice cream

Recipe 2 - Cantaloupe and yogurt ice cream

Recipe 3 - Watermelon and yogurt ice cream

Recipe 4 - Carrot and rice milk ice cream

Dump the contents into ice cream moulds

Cover the mixture

We have used greaseproof paper and a rubber band to cover the ice cream and prevent it from leaking.

Make holes for the sticks

Add the dog stick treats

Pop your mixtures in the freezer

We have made enough dog ice cream for a whole day. Once ready, it may be difficult to remove the ice cream from the moulds, so we recommend generating some warmth with your hands.

And that's it!

Our pup loved his dog ice cream! Want to watch the full video? Then do not hesitate to visit our YouTube channel and watch HOMEMADE ICE CREAM FOR DOGS - 4 easy recipes

Do you dare to try them? Let's talk about how you've gone!

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