5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: October 1, 2019
5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

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If you are looking for a clean, affectionate, lovable and independent pet, adopting a cat is a wise decision. A cat won't take up too much of your time to look after, and food expenses are reasonable, just like with the majority of pets.

If you go to an animal shelter to adopt an adult cat, it is also completely free. Often people give away kittens that their cats have given birth to. By the time you get to the end of this AnimalWised article, you will have 5 reasons to adopt a cat.

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1. Cats are useful

Cats make excellent rodent hunters. Home owners in rural areas where houses usually have unwanted company in the form of mice or even rats may have their the home taken over if they do not pay attention.

Rodent feces and fleas can cause serious illness as well as a wide range of infections. Their bites and scratches can also transmit rabies. A cat or two is essential in stopping rodents from invading at the source.

Cats can be very useful in scaring away unwanted tenants. However you might not like it if your cat and the mice become best friends.

5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat - 1. Cats are useful

2. Cats can adapt to any home

No matter how small the apartment, a cat can fit into any corner and does not create the amount of work that other pets require. You don't need to walk them or pick up after them outside the home.

We all know that whether it is raining or snowing, dogs still need to go outside to relieve themselves. Living with a cat is more convenient.

5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat - 2. Cats can adapt to any home

3. Cats are emotionally independent

Cats are not as emotionally complex as other pets. Most breeds of cat do not suffer from stress at being left alone, and they do not feel abandoned every day.

There are dog breeds with a very strong pack mentality, and the thought of staying home alone is mortifying for them. This is because they feel separated from the pack when other inhabitants of the home go to work and school.

Some dog breeds are very prone to suffering from separation anxiety. The German Shepherd and Boxer are examples of breeds that hate feeling alone. On the other hand, the Afghan Hound is quite the opposite. When you go to work, it will nap for four or five hours without any kind of stress - just like a cat.

A third reason for adopting a cat is that they are easily pleased.

5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat - 3. Cats are emotionally independent

4. Cats control their own eating habits

Another great advantage of having a cat over any other pet is that they regulate their own food intake. You can leave your house for a week or ten days, and if you leave enough food, water and litter spread over several trays, when you come back you will find that your house is clean and in order. The only exception in this situation is that it is better to have two cats together than one on its own. This way, they won't get bored.

With dogs - apart from the issue of their physiological needs - if you left them enough food for a week, they would eat it within three days. They could not eat it all in just one day, although they would give it a good go! Dogs eat until they are fit to burst, something that cats do not do.

Cats eat their fill and stop there. They would only be able to overeat certain foods such as cooked ham or grilled chicken breast - which they are crazy about. The fourth reason for adopting a cat is that you can enjoy more freedom of movement such as weekends away and trips.

5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat - 4. Cats control their own eating habits

5. Cats show their affection

Few animals know how to show affection like cats do. Dogs are also good at showing affection and are usually very loving; however, guinea pigs, parrots, fish, frogs, rabbits and a whole host of different pets are not able to interact and show affection towards their humans in the same way as dogs and cats on a daily basis.

Although it may come a as a surprise to some, a study by a trio of researchers from Oregon State University and Monmouth University have proven our cats like us more than we think. They suggested that as humans, we have a lack of knowledge on what stimulates our cats. After testing 19 cats on their favorability between food, scent, toys and human interaction, we came out on top!

To conclude, one good reason to adopt a cat is that they can relate to you with their unselfish displays of affection. Ah, we love them!

5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat - 5. Cats show their affection

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5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat
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5 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

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