5 Types of Haircuts for a Shih Tzu

By Olivia Grisham, Journalist specialized in animal care. June 25, 2017
5 Types of Haircuts for a Shih Tzu

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The shih tzu is a small dog breed native to Tibet and China, whose name means "lion dog". They are characterized by their abundant hair and pleasant facial expression, which give them a sweet appearance. The fun personality of this breed makes them the ideal pet for families with children, who will spend many hours of fun with them. In spite of their size, they develop quite a robust and chubby body and can weigh almost 8 kilos.

Part of the necessary care of a shih tzu is their hair maintenance, both to give it a nice appearance and to avoid the formation of knots, which are so prevalent in the breed. That's why we want to introduce you to 5 types of hair cuts for a shih tzu. We'd love to know your favorite!

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1. Short coat

Before one year of age, there is a change in the hair of a shih tzu, typical in all dogs. During this stage the problem with knots and tangles is at its worse. So, it is advisable to let the dog wear their coat short, simulating the appearance of the puppy, even in adulthood.

You can trim it yourself at home if you have some experience in this or let a professional do it to ensure the finish is better. Usually they will completely shave the body and legs, and a little in the tail, head, ears and 'mustache' - without leaving these areas completely bare. With this hairstyle your dog will look lovely and avoid the annoying problem of knots.

5 Types of Haircuts for a Shih Tzu - 1. Short coat

2. Long coat

The biggest problem with shih tzu hair is the terrible knots that are formed if you do not give their coat necessary care, especially if you want your dog to have long hair. Ideally, moisten their hair with a dog-friendly conditioner and untie the knots with your fingers without pulling too much fur. If this does not work, go to a wide-tooth comb called a rake.

Once all knots are undone, use a soft bristled brush to shape the entire coat, brushing down on the ears and tail.

5 Types of Haircuts for a Shih Tzu - 2. Long coat

3. Lion cut

Some owners prefer to give the shih tzu a hairstyle that matches the name of the breed. This is the lion hairstyle, sometimes referred to as the "stuffed" cut.

It can also be done at home or left in the hands of a professional. They will cut off all the hair that covers the body, legs and tail. Only the hair around the head is left long, which will be brushed so that it looks more fluffy, like a lion's mane. We are sure that your shih tzu and you will have fun with these hairstyles. Be creative and give your pet some different looks - have fun playing with their hair!

5 Types of Haircuts for a Shih Tzu - 3. Lion cut

4. Japanese cut

Although there really are different styles within the Japanese cut, the truth is that everyone agrees to leave the dog's ears long and accompany it with very hairy legs, which may well have a rounded or triangular shape. This is a very special haircut, which undoubtedly needs the expert hand of the canine stylist. It's not for everyone, but it is worth considering.

5 Types of Haircuts for a Shih Tzu - 4. Japanese cut

5. Haircut for bows, pigtails and braids

Finally we can opt for a medium or semi-long haircut which allows us to use a hair band for pigtails, braids and using bows. This is quite possible for professional competitions.

Whether you cut their body hair or leave a considerable length (without hindering the dog's mobility, of course), the bun will give them charm and accentuate their face shape even more. Which, is often compared to a chrysanthemum.

To do this hairstyle, take the hair on the crown of the head and brush up smoothly. Take this section of hair (of whichever thickness you like) and tie with a hair band, preferably latex. Arrange the rest of their hair as you like and your shih tzu will be ready to wear their new bun with pride.

5 Types of Haircuts for a Shih Tzu - 5. Haircut for bows, pigtails and braids

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5 Types of Haircuts for a Shih Tzu
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5 Types of Haircuts for a Shih Tzu

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