6 Benefits of Jogging with your Dog

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. December 28, 2016
6 Benefits of Jogging with your Dog

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It is always great to share time and activities with your pet. Once of the advantages of adopting a dog is that you can take long walks with him and, if you're a person who loves jogging, what better way to create bonds with your pet than taking it on a stroll with you?

Getting in shape in company of your dog will keep both of you healthy, will save you a lot of time and you will also be able to create this activity into a great routine to spend more quality time with your dog and ensure it's happy.

Read this AnimalWised article where in addition to inviting you to explore this new activity I tell you which are the benefits of jogging with your dog.

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1. Stress release

Over the years stress has become one of the main causes of many diseases and ailments that affect modern humans. How many times have we heard the doctor say 'that is due to stress' or 'how stressed have you been lately'? Emotional burdens affect our systems so much that they end up deteriorating the health of our body.

One way of reducing stress, and therefore disease, is through cardiovascular exercise. Running benefits us mentally and emotionally because it reduces stress levels and helps to dilute the frustrations and anxieties that accumulate during the day. It is also good for stress in dogs.

6 Benefits of Jogging with your Dog - 1. Stress release

2. Staying in shape

For sure you have heard this a thousand times, but we will tell you again anyway because it is the truth: running helps you keep fit. The same goes for your dog. If you are a runner or you are considering to start jogging why not include your pet in this activity? People who look after themselves or want to do this should keep in mind that your canine companion deserves the same kind of attention.

Remember that your dog depends on you to get the exercise necessary to be in good condition and enjoy good health. So what would be most fair and also fun would be to take it with you on your next jog. This activity will improve your muscle tone, endurance, strength and help maintain your ideal weight.

6 Benefits of Jogging with your Dog - 2. Staying in shape

3. Say yes to happiness!

It is a fact! Jogging has the wonderful effect of making people feel better and happier. Seeing your dog all excited and anxious to free its body and break out will also make you emotional to the point you will let out a thousand laughs and smiles. It will be the perfect time to enjoy the small things in life.

6 Benefits of Jogging with your Dog - 3. Say yes to happiness!

4. Say no to bad habits

Dogs are pure energy. If they do not find a positive and productive way to release all that burden they could start doing bad things, which later leads them to develop destructive habits, such as biting and breaking your favorite shoes.

Running is an excellent tool to keep them away from or reform negative emotions such as anxiety, depression or frustration.

6 Benefits of Jogging with your Dog - 4. Say no to bad habits

5. Creating a bond with your dog

Running with your dog is an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties, sharing quality time and creating memories that will last a lifetime. This may be the beginning of a routine that you only carry out with your pet. Dogs are the perfect partner and companion for many things, especially jogging.

A race on the beach, another in the field and then through the mountains will open the doors to new adventures and will make the fact of 'jogging' be always a different and a special activity.

6 Benefits of Jogging with your Dog - 5. Creating a bond with your dog

6. A motivation to advance

As you embrace this a habit you will see the benefits on both your body and mind and the body and mind of your pet. Jogging regularly with your dog will agree with you both, it will help to build a bridge of motivation to perform with more encouragement all the other activities of the day. Running will make your positive energy levels soar like a rocket.

6 Benefits of Jogging with your Dog - 6. A motivation to advance

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6 Benefits of Jogging with your Dog
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6 Benefits of Jogging with your Dog

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