8 Things Your Dog Knows about You

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: March 24, 2019
8 Things Your Dog Knows about You

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Have you ever wondered how your pet can sense when you are angry or feeling down? Surely you have. All of us pet owners have questioned how our pets know so much about us.

Dogs have an incredibly powerful nose and an ability to connect with us. This allows them to empathize with us and know how we are doing, both physically and mentally. They can even sense death! Their nose is an incredibly powerful tool. We all know how clever animals can be and how much love and emotion they can convey, but do you know all the things they can sense? If not, keep reading this AnimalWised article on the 8 things your dog knows about you to discover them.

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Dogs can sense your fear

One amazing skill that your dog possesses is their ability to sense fear and whether you need protection. When we are frightened we secrete adrenaline and the powerful nose of our dog is able to smell it. In addition, when we are afraid our body contracts and prepares to flee / defend itself, something the dogs instantly notice. They can even get nervous and tense in case they have to defend us, since we are part of their herd.

8 Things Your Dog Knows about You - Dogs can sense your fear

They know what mood you're in

Just as with fear, dogs have a lot of empathy and know how to recognize when you are happy or when you are sad. They do this just by reading your body language. Dogs are experts in reading our facial and body expressions. The moment your dog notices you are discouraged or distressed, they will undoubtedly show you affection and try to comfort you. They want you to know that you can always count on them and they will not leave until you are better.

8 Things Your Dog Knows about You - They know what mood you're in

They know when you're sick

With a nose between 10000 and 100000 times more powerful than ours, dogs are able to detect certain diseases and some even specialize in it. They can train their sense of smell, which is capable of differentiating some chemicals that we secrete from our body when we are sick. From migraines or urinary tract infections, to low blood glucose or epileptic seizures. Even the detection of cancer. So if your pet focuses too much on sniffing a particular part of your body, you'd better go to a doctor to check yourself out. When your dog feels that you are not well, they will come to you to take care of you and will not leave you alone. They know this is when you need them most.

8 Things Your Dog Knows about You - They know when you're sick

Dogs can tell when you're angry

Another thing that dogs know about you is when you are angry with them. The moment you do something wrong and are ready to scold them, they notice that your body posture, facial expressions and tone of voice have changed. And therefore, they have just done something you did not like. That's why they tend to bend their ears and hide their tails between their legs.

If you are considered their alpha, there is no problem. If your reaction is able to correct that inappropriate behavior then continue. However, if you are someone with a very flexible personality or have no authority, when they do something bad, they can take advantage. They will notice your weakness in this situation and will not stop behaving badly. Remember that dogs need to have limits set for them and that is achieved by educating them well.

Dogs can sense pregnancy

If you are pregnant, chances are you have noticed that your pet is more aware of you and your behavioral changes. This is because dogs can indeed detect pregnancy. They are able to notice the hormonal changes that are occurring in your body at that time and they are much more protective with you and the baby. They know that you are vulnerable. By the time the baby is born, your dog will always protect you and will not be separated from the new arrival. They will know the baby is the weakest member of the pack and they must watch over them well. If dogs can feel the presence of ghosts, it is unsurprising they can feel the presence of an unborn baby.

8 Things Your Dog Knows about You - Dogs can sense pregnancy

They can distinguish between love and hate

Dogs are able to know if a person likes you or likes you through the oxytocin you secrete, also known as "love hormone". This chemical you release along with the rhythm changes in breathing and the tension of your body inform your pet whether or not you want the person in front of you. In the case of no, your body will secrete other hormones and your body language will reveal that person is not well received by you.

8 Things Your Dog Knows about You - They can distinguish between love and hate

They know your intentions

Did you know that dogs know what you are going to do before you do it? This is because these animals are able to perceive even the most imperceptible signal of your body and facial language, and therefore can anticipate your movements. Think about when you are going to take your pet out for a walk or when you have to go home and leave them alone without saying anything. Or when you want to bathe them and they hide in some corner of the house although you haven't mentioned it, etc...

Likewise, dogs are one of the most grateful animals that exist. If you are generous or have done something good for them, they will be forever grateful and will never forget. Of course, they are also able to notice if you have bad intentions with them or if you think of doing something inappropriate. So, it is better to tread carefully and never harm them on purpose.

They know where you've been

To finish, another thing that your dog knows about you is where you have came from. They can smell it when you arrive home. Canines have about 200 million more receptor cell sin their nostrils than humans. They can tell if you've been in the supermarket, at work or if you've just been in a park where there were other animals. They can distinguish millions of subtle aromas, so you should avoid strong scents that are unpleasant to them. Here are a few:-

  • Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange or grapefruit
  • Vinegar
  • Chilli
  • Nail Polish
  • Any kind of alcohol
  • Chlorine, ammonia and other cleaning products
  • Mothballs
8 Things Your Dog Knows about You - They know where you've been

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8 Things Your Dog Knows about You
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8 Things Your Dog Knows about You

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