Are Treats for Dogs Good?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. February 1, 2017
Are Treats for Dogs Good?

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Are treats for dogs good? Are they healthy? How many times can you reward your dog with treats? Is giving treats the best method to train dogs?

We're sure you've heard these questions many times; you should know that the best way to educate, feed and care for your dog is by learning about their behavior and needs. This is why here at AnimalWised we are going to answer all these questions so that you know what you are giving your dog and how to do it. Keep reading to find out whether treats are good for dogs!

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Is it good to reward dogs with treats?

In pet shops you will find a variety of treats and snacks for dogs: hard, soft, made from meat, made from chicken, certified organic... For your dog, eating these little morsels is a pleasure.

In general, rewarding your dog with treats is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it is a show of affection and mutual understanding. Of course, too many of treats can cause a dietary problem such as canine obesity. When faced with this kind of problem, you can try to train your dog with physical rewards such as strokes as well as verbal treats, like a cheerful "well done!".

Are Treats for Dogs Good? - Is it good to reward dogs with treats?

Are treats a good way to train dogs?

If you have decided to adopt a dog, or if they are still very young and do not listen, treats are the perfect tool to catch their attention.

When practicing basic commands you must offer small amounts of a favorite treat, even if they are a large dog. Later on, when you practice advanced orders, you should reduce the amount of treats you give since the dog will respond quicker to your commands.

Ideally, the dog will want to get something else from you besides the craved treats during the process; they want to impress you so that you play with them, congratulate them and develop a deep, mutual bond as part of a pack. You are your dog's biggest prize, as you are their faithful companion and friend just as they are yours. Over time you will see that you do not need as many treats to perform basic commands; your love will be enough.

Are Treats for Dogs Good? - Are treats a good way to train dogs?

How to know if treats are good for your dog

At AnimalWised, we advise you to always check the products you are going to give your pet. This is because sometimes, although they might not want to admit it, in many shops there are products that are not entirely suitable, such as pig skin bones.

Research and look for the best treats for your dog, for example:

  • Calcium treats are ideal for puppies, especially large breeds.
  • For obese dogs, look for light treats.
  • Other treats meet very specific functions such as preventing bad breath.

Avoid all products containing additives, food coloring and preservatives. The best ones are those that are natural and organic and that contain less by-products.

Are Treats for Dogs Good? - How to know if treats are good for your dog

So, are treats for dogs good? Yes, as long as they are not the only base for your dog's training and if the ingredients are healthy and balanced.

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Are Treats for Dogs Good?
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Are Treats for Dogs Good?

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