Basic Pet Care

By iNetPet. July 1, 2021
Basic Pet Care

Many people want to adopt a companion animal into their life. It can be the best decision a household can make, but only if the responsibility is understood and the right care is taken. If you are thinking of become a guardian to a pet, you have to know the basics of their care.

In this AnimalWised article, in collaboration with iNetPet, we review the care needs of pets so we can live in a happy coexistence with our companion animal. We also discover how new technologies can help us to take care of our animal. Learn about the care of companion animals and discover what you need to know before adopting them.

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A suitable home

Before we can bring an animal into our home, we need to ensure said home is suitable for them. This will depend on the animal. For example, if we live in a small apartment, it is not wise to have more than one cat. If they haven't grown up together, their territoriality can make coexistence difficult. They also need accessories such as scratching trees and platforms which can take up space.

If we choose to adopt an animal which requires a cage, hutch, aquarium, etc., we need to know the conditions of storage. If we can't meet the right light, temperature and other environmental requirements, we can harm their health and well-being.

Apart from the physical requirements of the home, we also need to consider other factors. Do we have enough time to offer a pet the care they require? For example, it will take more time to care for a dog than a goldfish, although we can't neglect either. We also need to think of contingencies if we have to go away for any period of time.

The correct diet for our pet

When it comes to pet care, it is essential to remember that each species will have specific nutritional needs. Not only are they specific to the type of animal, but individual needs will change throughout their lifetime. A puppy will have different nutritional requirements than a senior dog. Certain medical conditions can require dietary changes. Fortunately, there are different types of dog food which can meet their requirements.

To choose the highest quality feed, we need to know the nutritional requirements of the individual animal. Dogs and cats are both carnivores, requiring a diet based on animal protein. However, there are differences in the feeds of each species since dogs can tolerate certain non-proteinous foods more than cats. They will also require vitamins and minerals which might not appear in their food naturally.

In general, we should look for 100% natural food, without additives or artificial preservatives. It is also important to purchase food from a reputable retailer, regardless if it is online or a physical store. Check product reviews or ask your veterinarian if in doubt.

Socialization and education

Both education and socialization are just as important as physical needs in the care of companion animals. Socialization is the process by which we expose the animal to all kinds of stimuli so they become used to them. In doing so, they will not become stressed when they encounter others in the future. It is recommended for all animal species living with humans. Even a hamster will need to get used to our handling. However, education is not as important for small rodents as it is for larger animals such as the dog.

If you do not have any experience in education or training, especially for dogs and cats, it is a good idea to speak to a professional to ensure you have the right knowledge before adopting. If you want some additional help, you can take a look at our articles on:

Basic hygiene

In most cases, we can maintain the hygiene of our pet at home. Brushing, cutting nails, cleaning ears, brushing teeth and bathing are some of the basic hygiene care that we must implement as regularly as our animal needs. We can find all the necessary products and accessories in specialized pet stores. However, in some cases, their care will require something outside of our expertise. In these situations, we will need to take them to a qualified expert groomer.

Health Care

Of course, health maintenance is one of the most important aspects of companion animal care. All animals have to go to the vet regularly for checkups. Even if they seem healthy, going to the vet at least once year can help provide an early diagnosis of serious health conditions. It can also help us to implement any lifestyles changes if there is a deterioration in their general health.

Each species will need their monthly deworming and vaccinations. The veterinarian will recommend the essential options for our animal. It is important that we find a trustworthy veterinary professional and that we always have the telephone number of an emergency veterinary service if we are outside of clinic hours.

Animal identification

Another aspect of pet care is the legal responsibility. We need to meet the obligations of animal care in our local jurisdiction. This may require us to register the animal, but some places go further and require some pets to be microchipped. Before adopting an animal, we need to check the legal requirements in our local region. Regardless of local laws, microchipping and wearing identity tags are very helpful ways to ensure our animal can return to us if lost. They can also provide essential medical information if they are treated when we are not present.

Additional pet care options

While some may not see them as basic, our animals have other needs which should be met to ensure optimal care. Toys, beds, treats and other animal care accessories are important to maintain both the physical and mental well-being of our pets.

New technologies can also help us to provide the best care for our companion animals. Tools such as the iNetPet app help us to maintain total control over all aspects of animal care. This application allows us the possibility to store all of the data related to our pet's health, training, grooming visits, veterinary appointments and other information. It does so by keeping this data in the same place which is easily accessible from anywhere.

The iNetPet app is a convenient way to store all relevant information if we have any queries about our animals. For example, we may be in a foreign country and need to access the clinical history of our dog to inform a veterinarian of their treatment history. It also helps with communication between animal guardian and animal professional by allowing direct contact. The app generates a QR code which can be placed on their ID tag, allowing the animal to be located by anyone with a smartphone if they become lost.

For more information about this helpful, and completely free application, and how it can benefit the care of your pet, check out the video below:

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Basic Pet Care
Basic Pet Care

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