Benefits of Having a Cat

Benefits of Having a Cat

Although you may not know it, living with a cat has a direct impact on your life and brings you many specific benefits. If you are planning to adopt a cat, this article will surely end up convincing you to do so.

Below, AnimalWised is going to go over the benefits that you can only enjoy by having a cat by your side, whether they are an affectionate or more independent cat. Read on to discover the benefits of having a cat, and stop putting it off. Go for it!

Cats keep you company

Even more independent cats tend to occasionally approach their owners in search of affection and cuddles. Unlike dogs, however, cats don't excessively pester you and leave when you don't pay them attention.

It's down to you to train them and reinforce the necessary behaviors. The animal can then understand what you expect of it and what they can do for a treat or a cuddle, for example.

A cat's purring relaxes you

You probably already know this, but the purring produced by cats when they feel pleasure is beneficial for us. With a purring cat close, we will naturally relax even if we don't realize it at the time.

Here you can learn more about cat body language.

Cats adapt to your lifestyle

Unlike other animals, cats can adapt their lifestyle to yours. They won't mind if you put out their food later in the day, or if you decide to leave the house for a while. Instead, they will wait for you quietly.

You'll have lots of fun

Cats are really fun animals, and once you've seen the things they do, you'll never get tired of watching and playing with them. At first you'll take lots of photographs and videos of them, and then you won't be able to stop playing with them and spending a good time together.

Cats aren't difficult to look after

Unlike other animals, cats do not require excessive care. It is enough to provide a cat with food, water, a scratching post, bed and toys. Moreover, these animals are so intelligent that they know how to ration their food perfectly.

Of course, certain cat breeds such as those with long coats will need specific brushes, to be used daily.

Cats are fast learners

Another advantage of cats is their quickness in learning where and how to do things. Using positive reinforcement in the same way you do with dogs will quickly achieve great results.

To do this, use small tasty treats and offer them to your cat when they behave how you want them to. You could also teach them some tricks in this way, if you want to.

Cats help you organize your life

Although cats don't (usually) suffer if their meal times are changed, you will get used to maintaining a routine without realizing it, albeit a minor one. This will help you be more responsible and manage your time better.

Cats will surprise you (in a good way)

Although cats often come across aloof or uninterested, a study by a trio of researchers from Oregon State University and Monmouth University have proven our cats like us more than we think.

They suggested that as humans, we have a lack of knowledge on what stimulates our cats. After testing 19 cats on their favorability between food, scent, toys and human interaction, we came out on top.

Your heart will warm more to animals

When you care for an animal and start to build a relationship with it, you understand how fragile it is in the world we live in. That's when, upon seeing a video of animal abuse or neglect, you'll feel outraged and wonder what sort of person would do something like that.

Remember that animal rights are important; animals have no voice, unlike you and me. We must join together as animal lovers to make society begin to respect and treat animals as they deserved to be treated. Here you can learn more about the five freedoms of animal welfare.

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