Best Small Dogs For Small Children

By Jane Bertin, Journalist specialized in animal welfare. April 12, 2017
Best Small Dogs For Small Children

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Before adopting a dog, you must take into account several factors, one very important factor being our children. If we have young children at home, we need to welcome a loyal and patient dog that can get along with our little rascals.

One other factor is space limitation, so the solution for this would be to adopt a small dog. We are going to show you the best small dogs for children that consider both of these factors.

Please remember that many shelter dogs are just as appropriate for a child, the important thing is for them to be happy together.

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Small dogs, big character

It is well known that smaller dogs are idiosyncratically bolder and perhaps more defensive than larger dogs. This is primarily because their body structure is more fragile and can be damaged by careless strokes that a larger dog wouldn't bat an eye to.

Therefore, the response of small breeds to blows, pulls of their hair or ears and other habitual actions of children, will be by norm more aggressive or defensive than from dogs of a greater size.

Remember to always inform your children on how to treat your pet so they don't get hurt. Ill-treatment can cause discomfort and stress in your dog, so explain to your child how to behave!

With this said, adopting a dog teaches your children values, responsibility and rapport. It is incredibly rewarding.

Best Small Dogs For Small Children -  Small dogs, big character

The Pug

The pug is a very gentle small dog breed and ideal to live with children. They are not especially active but they are affectionate and tender. Their sweet looks and loyalty will make them the best friend any child would want to have.

One thing that we should always keep in mind is that any animal, similar to what happens with people, has its own idiosyncrasy.

Because of the pug's tendency to be calm and unalterable, they are a great option for small dogs versus children. Of course, you should know that they can suffer respiratory problems from excessive exercise or excessive heat. Supervise the animal and always explain these breed-related issues to your child to make sure the welfare of the animal is

Best Small Dogs For Small Children - The Pug

The Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a small dog with an excellent size. They are ideal to live with children in small spaces since they do not exceed 4 kg. Besides being friendly and cuddly, they are particularly obedient dogs.More active than the pug, with the Bichon Frise your children will enjoy running around and discovering the world together. They have an average life of 12 years and a sociable and jovial character.

Formerly used as a circus dog for their ability to get on top of two legs, if you teach your child positive reinforcement, perhaps they will be able to teach your pup some funny tricks!

The Bichon Frise can however become excessively soiled and will need to get regular haircuts. Keep that in mind before adopting one!

Best Small Dogs For Small Children - The Bichon Frise

The Prague Ratter

The Prague Ratter (or Pražský Krysařík) is considered the smallest dog in the world. They don't exceed 2.5 kg and their lively, intelligent and active character make them a great lover of games and active exercise. They are the perfect dogs for the most active and athletic children.

They are also very intelligent and obedient. You can teach your kids basic commands or tricks of obedience so they can stimulate this small but amazing dog.

As with the dog breeds mentioned above, you must make sure that the child understands that they are very small and fragile animals, so a bad fall or blow can cause severe damage and therefore a really expensive visit to the veterinarian.

Best Small Dogs For Small Children - The Prague Ratter

The Cotton de Tuléar

The Coton de Tuléar lives an average of 15 years and does not exceed 4 kg. Their extroverted and cheerful character make them ideal to live with children. However, it is ideal that your home have a garden for them.

A basic rule to avoid aggressive episodes is to make sure your dog is in good health. A dog that is calm, can have a bad day if he is sick or injured.

The Cotton de Tuléar is really playful, so your children won't be complaining of boredom! They are however somewhat nervous dogs. If they are not given enough exercise, they can become nervous and stressed. Regular walks and physical activity will be essential to adopt a dog of this breed.

They will also need periodic coat care, so make sure you are clued up on all the requirements of this breed before adopting!

Best Small Dogs For Small Children - The Cotton de Tuléar

The Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle dog does not exceed 4.5 kg. Their high fidelity and cheerful character make them the ideal companion dog for children inside a flat.

They are dogs that can be trained very easily because of their great intelligence and if you dedicate time they will be able to repeat innumerable tricks. They create strong bonds with those who take care of them as they are really emotional dogs.

They are also somewhat eccentric dogs because they love to receive affection or go for a walk.

In short, they often become inseparable from their owners.

Best Small Dogs For Small Children - The Toy Poodle

The Maltese

The Maltese does not exceed 4 kg of weight. They have a fun and very playful temperament that allows them to become great friends with the children. Of course, they are quite nervous and excitable, and won't tolerating hair pulling.

If you decide to have a Maltese we must be clear that it will require a series of regular care such as brushing and regular visits to get their hair cut. Their average life is 12 years.

We hope you have found the small dog breed that will be a perfect fit for your family!

If you want to know more, leave us your question in the comments.

Best Small Dogs For Small Children - The Maltese

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