Brushes for Long-Haired Cats

Brushes for Long-Haired Cats

You should always pay special attention to your cat's fur to prevent possible tangles and hairballs, especially if it is a long-haired breed. The best way to do it is to have the proper materials and tools at hand. Do you have doubts about grooming your cat's coat?

Today at AnimalWised we'll go over the best brushes for long-haired cats so that you can visit your local shop properly informed. Read on to learn why it is important to care for your cat's fur, what types of brushes there are on the market, and what is the proper way to brush its coat.

Why is it important to brush your long-haired cat?

We all know that cats with a long coat should be brushed on a daily basis in order to keep it in good condition. By brushing its coat, you remove the dead hair that is usually difficult for your pet to get rid of. Furthermore, brushing the dead hair off greatly reduces the chance of a hair ball forming in your cat's stomach.

In addition to significantly improving the quality and hygiene of its fur, brushing your cat is hugely beneficial. It is physically stimulating for your cat, and it can help build a stronger relationship between you two.

Double-sided brush

This type of brush allows you to groom and comb your pet. On one side of the brush there are long bristles which are perfect for reaching the skin. It is recommended that this part is rigid but that it does not harm your cat.

On the other side of the brush you have a uniform set of bristles which allows you to style its fur and remove dust and dirt.

Wire brush

The wire brush requires a careful hand when brushing your pet's fur, as it is more rigid and can therefore hurt your cat if you apply too much pressure. Its sturdy design makes it ideal for removing hair tangles.

Fine brush

This type of fine brush is also a recommended flea brush, since the close proximity of its bristles removes all traces of fleas in your cat's coat.

It should be used after applying a normal brush, once the hair is already untangled. A fine brush is ideal for achieving super straight hair whilst also preventing fleas. They are ideal for cats with very long hair, such as the Angora cat.

How to brush a long-haired cat

To properly brush a long-haired cat you must first use a medium-length brush to untangle the hair. You should use this brush for 3-5 minutes, reaching all areas of the body including the chin, belly and tail.

Once you have finished untangling and removing dead hair from your cat, you should then move on to use a brush with long bristles, such as the last example on our list. By doing this, you will remove any traces of dirt or hair that wasn't removed with the first brush.

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