Bulldog Breeds: English, French and American Bulldogs

Bulldog Breeds: English, French and American Bulldogs

Are you ever unsure when people talk to you about Bulldogs? This AnimalWised article will teach you how to differentiate the different wrinkly Bulldog breeds; namely, English, French and American Bulldogs.

Each of these three breeds of dog stand out for their different physical features, although you can be sure that any of the three will make you very happy if you're looking to adopt a dog. Next, we'll give a general overview of the features and personalities of each of these three dogs. Keep reading to discover all about Bulldogs!

English Bulldog

The English or British Bulldog is probably the best known of the three breeds. The English bulldog comes, of course, from the United Kingdom.

It's notable for its friendly face and plump body, and it's medium in size, measuring 40 centimeters (16 inches) from ground to the withers. However, it's very heavy for its size, weighing more than 25 kilograms (55 pounds).

The English Bulldog has some really funny physical features, although the best is yet to come - despite being a robust and muscular breed, this type of Bulldog has a really sweet personality.

English Bulldogs are fun and playful, and will like spending long hours lying beside you on the sofa. If you think its face is adorable, just wait until you get to know one of them - you'll fall in love with it. If you're searching for a quiet and calm dog then you've found the ideal one.

French Bulldog

The second Bulldog in our overview is the French bulldog, which bears a striking resemblance to the Boston Terrier. The main difference between them is that the French Bulldog has a plumper and more muscular body. In addition, its face is wider and it has very funny bat ears.

The physical features of this breed are very similar to those of the English Bulldog. While it is smaller and more proportioned in size, both look very similar overall.

Historically, the French Bulldog has been noted for being the principal companion of French high society during the nineteenth century. It is a small but powerful looking dog; it measures around 25 or 30 centimeters (10 to 12 inches) to the withers and can weigh up to 14 kilograms (30 pounds).

The French Bulldog has an extroverted and cheerful personality and is somewhat boisterous, but very sweet and devoted. It'll love spending time with you, and if you train it properly your children will enjoy a very sociable and affectionate dog. It can fit perfectly into an urban environment.

American Bulldog

We finally reach the American Bulldog, a breed that is divided into two classes: the Scott type and the Johnson type. No matter what, it's a lovely and sweet dog which is ideal for active people who do sports, go on trips and want to have one of the most loyal dogs in the world by their side.

It is by far the biggest and most active dog out of the three mentioned, due to its amazing height of 70 centimeters (27.5 inches) to the withers and weight of up to 55 kilograms (120 pounds).

As we've mentioned, the personality of an American bulldog is very special because it is loyal, faithful and devoted to those who look after it and protect it. Forget the stereotypes surrounding big dogs and consider adopting this beautiful and noble friend.

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