Can Dogs Eat Cucumber?

By Ameera Mills. August 21, 2019
Can Dogs Eat Cucumber?

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Can dogs eat cucumber? This is a commonly asked question among dog owners who wonder if they can offer their pets some fruits and/or vegetables. As many people already know, there are a lot of foods which are toxic to dogs. It is for this reason that, if you ever want to offer your dog ‘‘human’’ food, you should always make sure that it is suitable for dogs. Canine nutrition is key in making sure your dog is happy and healthy, so keeping up with the benefits of different foods for dogs is key in making sure your pup lives a long and fruitful life.

So, can dogs eat cucumbers? In general, yes! But certain conditions need to be taken into consideration. Keep reading here at AnimalWised to find out more. In addition, we’ll be listing additional fruits and vegetables that dogs can and CANNOT eat.

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Is cucumber good for dogs?

Before discussing the beneficial properties of cucumber for dogs, it’s important to clarify if dogs can eat cucumbers. Nutritionists, as well as official bodies competent in the field, such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), have established that cucumber is not a toxic food for dogs.

This means that even if cucumbers had no beneficial properties, the consumption of cucumber for dogs is completely safe and will not cause them any nutritional harm or result in digestive system alteration. What they do emphasize, however, is that dogs require food of animal origin, it is discouraged to base a dog’s diet simply on fruit and vegetables. Fruits and/or vegetables (which are safe for dogs) should complement a dog’s diet, rather than replace it.

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Cucumbers for dogs: benefits

As we have already mentioned, cucumber is not harmful to dogs, but is it beneficial? What effects does cucumber consumption have on a dog’s health? It may surprise you to know know that cucumbers are not only great for human health, but also carry a lot of advantages for dogs.

Cucumbers are predominantly made up of water, which means it’s a great snack to keep you pup hydrated during the hotter seasons. Additionally, cucumber has a very nutritional composition and offers a dog vitamin K and vitamin C, which are vital for a body to maintain defenses related to oral health, bones and blood.

In addition, cucumbers contain minerals such as iron and magnesium, which can help prevent conditions such as anemia or joint problems. Cucumber also contains substances, referred to as phytonutrients, that fulfill important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions.

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Can Dogs Eat Cucumber? - Cucumbers for dogs: benefits

Cucumbers for dogs

So, how do you feed a dog cucumber? If you want to feed your dog cucumber, we recommend cutting it into small pieces rather than slices. Some dogs love cucumber, while others do not, and this needs to be taken into account. If your dog is not a fan of cucumber, once cut up, mix it in with other foods.

Offer your dog cucumber with lactose-free cheese and/or lactose-free yogurt. You can also add the cucumber to a plate of pasta or pate which most dogs love! If your dog is playful, use the cucumber as a toy which your dog can nibble on, like a game.

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Foods dogs can’t eat

There are many foods not to feed dogs which every dog owner should know about. This is especially the case for guardians who want to offer their pup alternatives to commercial feed, such as the BARF diet or a homemade diet for dogs. If you are wanting to offer your dog a feed other than that found in pet stores, we recommend always consulting your veterinarian beforehand.

The first and most important aspect when it comes to feeding your dog an alternative diet is knowing what foods are harmful to dogs. This food may vary depending on quantity, but there are certain fruits and vegetables you should never give to your dog. Tomato and mushrooms, for example, causes digestive problems and severe gastric discomfort in dogs. Garlic is incredibly toxic for dogs as it contains a substance known as thiosulfate, which can cause cardiac arrest and respiratory disorders, such as tachycardia or hyperventilation. Onions, scallions and leeks like garlic also contain thiosulfate, which in addition to the aforementioned, can cause blood disorders such as anemia in dogs, which if serious can be fatal.

As for fruits, you should never feed your dog grapes, raisins, currants or avocado, since they all contain compounds which are toxic for dogs. Apples or cherries, on the other hand, can be offered to dogs, but only in a controlled dosage.

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Can Dogs Eat Cucumber? - Foods dogs can’t eat

Foods dogs can eat

Like with cucumber, there are many other foods which dogs can eat. Not only are these foods not harmful for canine consumption, but they can also be very beneficial for a dog’s health.

Foods dogs can eat include:

  • Vegetables: broccoli, which has a lot of vitamin C, carrots, also rich in vitamin C, or green beans, thanks to its contribution of phosphorus and magnesium.
  • Fruits: apples, peaches or mangoes (always making sure to remove the seeds). Bananas, in small amounts, provide a dog with many vitamins, such as vitamin E, C or B, as well as vital minerals such as potassium or zinc.
  • Meats and fish: your dog can eat meat such as chicken, pork, beef and fish so long as there are no bones! If you offer your dog meats with bones, it can cause cause gastric or esophageal perforations.
  • Cereals: such as wheat, rice or oatmeal. The consumption of eggs is also suitable.

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Can dogs eat cucumber skin?

Now we know that cucumber is good for keeping our dogs hydrated and keeping them cool on hot days, preventing heat stroke.

But can dogs eat cucumber peel? Yes! But this will also depend on a dog’s preferences. Some dogs may not eat cucumber with a peel while other might. Cucumber peel is a great source of fiber, but offering your dog too much cucumber skin can also lead to gastrointestinal problems, therefore, its consumption should be controlled.

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Can Dogs Eat Cucumber? - Can dogs eat cucumber skin?

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