Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

By Eduarda Piamore, Expert in canine and feline psychology, education and training.. Updated: July 29, 2019
Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

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Tomatoes are used in all kinds of classic dishes, such as salads or stir-fries, among others. This fruit (which is often confused as a vegetable) carries many health benefits, including its high content of natural antioxidants and vitamins. But, can dogs eat tomatoes or are tomatoes toxic for dogs? Dogs can eat tomatoes, as long as they are ripe and the seeds are removed. You must never feed your dog green or unripe tomatoes, as they can be toxic for dogs.

For more about how to feed dogs tomatoes as well as the side effects of dog eating tomatoes, keep reading here at AnimalWised. In addition, we’ be including a list of fruits which are toxic for dogs, which should always be avoided. Find out what dogs can and cannot eat here!

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Can dogs eat tomatoes?

It is vital that, when it comes to foods for dogs, you are well informed about the veracity of the content. Information about tomatoes for dogs are often misinformed, listed as a fruit which is toxic for dogs. But, is it true that tomatoes are toxic for dogs?

Are tomatoes toxic to dogs?

Ripe tomatoes without seeds are NOT harmful for dogs. In fact, ripe seedless tomatoes are actually considered nutritious and healthy for dogs, as they can provide a dog with vitamins, minerals, fruits, antioxidants and a high water content. As a result of this, ripe tomatoes without seeds can help; strengthen a dog’s immune system, prevent certain health problems and keeps a dog well hydrated.

However, it is important to note that green unripe tomatoes contain a chemical compound known as glycoalkaloid (solanine), which IS harmful to dog. So, if you’re wondering, ‘‘Can dogs eat green tomatoes?’’ The answer is NO. Green tomatoes for dogs can cause diarrhea, gas and vomiting in dogs. In severe cases, green tomatoes for dogs can result in dog poisoning.

Glycoalkaloid, in this case solanine, which is toxic for dogs, can also be found in tomato stem and leaves. Therefore, you should never offer your dog green tomatoes, or tomatoes with leaves and a stem. You can only offer your dog stemless, leafless red rope tomatoes without seeds.

For more about fruit seed poisoning in dogs and what can dogs not eat, read our article where we list household products that can kill your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? - Can dogs eat tomatoes?

Tomatoes for dogs: benefits

Ripe tomatoes for dogs contain natural antioxidants, such as vitamin C, that can fight free radicals in a dog's body. Ripe tomatoes without seeds are especially beneficial for older dogs, as they can help delay the onset of old age symptoms in dogs. Tomatoes also contain vitamin A and B complexes, which can help strengthen a dog’s immune system and prevent common diseases in dogs. Additionally, tomatoes (as long as they are ripe and don’t have seeds) are great for dog eye and skin problems.

Furthermore, due to its high fiber content, tomato has a beneficial impact on a dog's digestive system, favoring intestinal transit and helping to avoid constipation in dogs. Lastly, we need to put emphasis on the fact that tomatoes for dogs are a great form of hydration and can help deter urinary problems in dogs. The consumption of this food type, rich in liquids, has a diuretic and depurative effect on a dog’s body and can help eliminate unwanted toxins and promote kidney health.

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Can dogs eat tomatoes sauce?

A commonly asked question is, ‘‘Can dogs eat canned tomatoes or tomato sauce?’’ No, dogs cannot eat tomato sauce. Dogs can ONLY eat raw, natural, red tomatoes without seeds. When offering your dog natural raw ripe tomato without seeds, make sure to rinse the fruit properly beforehand. Tomatoes should never make up the base of a dog’s diet, specifically because dogs require a high intake of protein and high quality fats to prevent the development of nutritional deficiencies in the dog.

When feeding your dog tomato, make sure to offer it as in a moderate amount accompanied by homemade recipes. Always remember that the approximate percentage of fruits and vegetables for dogs should not excess 10-15% per meal. You can cut the tomato into small pieces as an addition to an already completed meal.

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? - Can dogs eat tomatoes sauce?

Can dogs eat tomato soup?

We recommend NOT feeding your dog tomato soup or canned tomatoes. Commercial tomato sauces, for example, contain a high percentage of preservatives and artificial additives which can cause digestive problems in dogs.

What you can offer your dog, however, is mashed up tomato (without seeds) with chicken or beef stock. Make sure to completely avoid salt, garlic or onion.

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Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?
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Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

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