Can Dogs See Ghosts?

Can Dogs See Ghosts?

It is known all over the world that dogs are capable of sensing catastrophic phenomena that humans cannot. Despite our advanced technology.

Dogs have untrained, or in other words, totally natural abilities that exceed our understanding. It is no doubt that their sense of smell, their hearing capacity and other senses can explain some things incomprehensible to the naked eye.

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Canine scent

It is known that through smell, dogs can detect the mood of people. The most evident example is when a quiet dog suddenly appears aggressive to someone for no apparent reason. When we attempt to discover the cause of this reaction, it turns out that the person on the receiving end of the aggression, has a severe fear of dogs. Dogs can indeed smell fear.

Dogs detect danger

Another quality that dogs have is that they can detect latent threats around us.

A friend of mine had an Afghan hound, Naim, who could not stand any drunken person approaching him and his owner. When they walked at night, and Naim spotted a drunk 20 or 30 meters away, he would immediately stand on both hind legs. All while emitting a prolonged, guttural and menacing growl. The drunken individuals were soon aware of the imposing presence of Naim. They would mumble, frightened, and take a wide detour so not to pass them.

My friend never trained Naim to proceed in this way. As a puppy, he was already reacting instinctively like this. This defensive attitude is frequent among dogs, who react to the presence of people whom they consider to be conflicting and a potential threat to the members of their family.

Can dogs feel the presence of spirits?

I am not able to assert if the dogs see ghosts or spirits. Because I do not know if spirits exist, or not. However, I am convinced that there are places with good energies and negative energies. And these latter energies are clearly captured by dogs.

A clear example occurs after earthquakes; When dogs are used by relief teams to locate survivors and corpses among the devastated ruins. Okay, these are trained dogs; But the way to "mark" the presence of a wounded and a corpse differs totally.

When they detect a buried survivor, the dogs warn anxiously and effusively to the firemen, barking joyfully. They point to the area where the ruins cover the wounded. However, when they detect a corpse, the hair on their backs bristles, they moan, they turn around, and even on many occasions they defecate with fear. It is clear that the types of energy these dogs perceive differs completely between life and death.


Psychologist Robert Morris, an investigator of paranormal phenomena, conducted an experiment in a Kentucky house in the 1960s. This home had led to bloody deaths and was rumored to be populated by ghosts.

The experiment consisted of entering a room where they committed crimes with a dog, a cat, a rattlesnake and a rat, separately. The experiment was filmed.

  • The dog entered with his caretaker and barely penetrated a meter. His hair stood up on edge, he growled and ran away fleeing the room, refusing to enter again.
  • The cat stepped into his caretaker's arms. After a few seconds the cat climbed onto his caretaker's shoulders, wounding his back with his nails. Immediately the cat jumped to the ground and took refuge under an empty chair. From this position he huffed hostile towards another empty chair for several minutes, after which he was removed from the room.
  • The rattlesnake took a defensive / aggressive stance, as if facing an imminent danger in that lonely room. His attention was directed toward the chair that caused the cat's fear.
  • The rat did not react in any special way. However, it is known by all the fame that the rats have to presage shipwrecks and disembark from the ship the first to be saved.

Robert Morris's experiment was repeated in another room of the same house in which no fatal event had occurred. The four animals did not report any anomalous reactions.

What can we deduce?

What I can deduce is that nature has endowed animals, and dogs in particular, with capabilities that are beyond our current knowledge.

A dog's sense of smell and also their hearing, are tremendously superior to the same senses that humans have. Therefore, do they capture by their privileged senses these strange events? Or do they possess some superior capacity that we still do not know and that allows them to see what we do not see?

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