Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. June 18, 2017
Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

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Much has been spoken about the sixth sense possessed by animals, which often drastically alters their behaviour for a reason that we humans are unable to decipher. It is believed that this happens because animals possess an extraordinary sense that remains dormant in humans. Therefore, they are able to perceive things that go undetected by the human mind.

One example of this amazing sense is found in the prediction of natural disasters, which affects a wide range of species in addition to dogs. For example, before a horrific tsunami struck in Sri Lanka, different animals (rabbits, hares, orangutans and elephants, among others) sought shelter in higher ground. Unbelievable, isn't it?

By observing this animal behaviour, especially when living with one, you can create numerous questions which are difficult to answer. Particularly when there have been so few scientific studies conducted on the matter. However, in this AnimalWised article we will try to shed some light on the following question: Can dogs sense pregnancy?

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The possibility of dogs detecting pregnancy

A lot is discussed about interspecies communication, referring to the amazing animal ability which allows them to communicate deeply with any other species. Upon reading this, many of you will be astonished, perplexed and, perhaps incredulous. But why? It is said that dog is man's best friend, and I think that any dog lover will share this view.

This popular quote, which has been perpetuated over time, has become deeply ingrained in humanity due to the numerous surprising behaviours which can be observed. One such example is when a dog howls tirelessly because their owner has died. Even though the animal was not present when it happened, they are capable of perceiving it.

In the same way as they're able to predict natural disasters, they are also very sensitive to what happens in their environment. They can detect when things are not going well and the atmosphere isn't harmonious. Therefore, if these animals are so susceptible to the changes in the environment, they could perfectly predict when a woman has became pregnant. And, would be able to do so before any physical manifestation of pregnancy.

Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy? - The possibility of dogs detecting pregnancy

Dogs predicting pregnancy is not a myth

When talking of the sixth sense possessed by animals, the conversation very quickly acquires a mystical connotation. However, this topic isn't as esoteric as it might seem.

Dogs are currently some of the best nurses for people suffering from diabetes, as they are able to detect the physiological changes that happen when a body is lacking in blood glucose. Not only do these dogs alert the diabetic, but they can also bring the material required to treat the condition closer to them.

Numerous physiological changes take place during pregnancy, and dogs are able to detect them. Therefore, they can predict when a woman is in her gestation period.

Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy? - Dogs predicting pregnancy is not a myth

How can dogs sense pregnancy?

The hormonal changes that take place during pregnancies change a woman's bodily scent. This isn't obvious to you or me, but dogs notice it clearly and change their behaviour. They can evensometimes get jealous or excessively protective.

As the pregnancy progresses, the dog will also notice that the woman becomes more sensitive, more tired, and that changes are going on in her environment.

We can conclude that both feminine intuition and a dog's sixth sense are very often the best tools for detecting a pregnancy.

Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy? - How can dogs sense pregnancy?

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Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?
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Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

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