Can you Rename a Dog?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: September 4, 2019
Can you Rename a Dog?

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If you've made the decision to adopt a dog from a shelter, it's normal for you to wonder if you can rename them. Many people sometimes think that the dog will stop responding to us and will even feel disorientated.

It's possible for these things to happen at first, but if you follow our advice you can rechristen your pet with a beautiful new name, which is possibly more suited to their personality.

Keep reading this AnimalWised article to know how you should do it and to answer the question: can you rename a dog?

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Tips for renaming your dog

When the time arrives to come up with an original name for your dog, you should follow a few basic tips so that the process is quick and easy for your pet to understand. Yes, you can rename your dog!

To do this, use a name of 2 to 3 syllables that is easy to remember. Make sure you don't choose a name that your dog will confuse with other words such as "come", "sit down", "take", etc. It's also important that the name is not shared by another pet or member of the household.

However, to improve a dog's understanding and adaptation to their new name, we recommend using one that is fairly similar to their previous name, such as:

  • Lucky - Lunnie
  • Mirva - Diva
  • Gus - Rus
  • Stella- Nela
  • Max - Zillax
  • Pongo - Cholo

By using the same vowel sound you'll ensure that your pet gets used to their new name as soon as possible. It is normal for it not to react to its new name at first, and it will probably act indifferently when you say it. You need to be patient so that it understands that you're referring to it.

Use their name when congratulating it for performing a trick and on other especially positive occasions such as giving them food or taking them for walks, because doing so will make it get used to the new name quicker.

Bear in mind that the younger your dog is, the easier it will be for them to get used to the new name.

Can you Rename a Dog? - Tips for renaming your dog

Looking for a name for your pet?

At AnimalWised, you'll find a wide range of names to give your dog. You can use names for big dogs such as Aslan, Balto & Maximus, mythological names such as Thor, Zeus or Trojan or even discover names of famous dogs.

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Can you Rename a Dog?
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Can you Rename a Dog?

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