Caring for an Albino Cat

Caring for an Albino Cat

It is important to understand that an albino cat requires special care. You may choose to adopt a cat with albinism because you like their physical appearance, but due to the characteristics associated with this condition, the albino cat may experience problems such as deafness, blindness, cancer or eye redness.

Albino cats are rare, and they have several unusual peculiarities, just like many other albino animals. Albinism is a genetic alteration that not only marks the cat's fur and eye color, but also important characteristics in their organism. You will have to give your albino cat a care and attention that other cats would not require.

Stay with us at AnimalWised and learn all about caring for an albino cat.

Differences between albino cats and white cats

Not all white cats are albino, but all albino cats are white. Besides that, what are the differences between white cats and albinos?

Albino cats have an absolutely white coat. However, you can also recognize albinism in cats in their eyes, which are usually pale blue or show heterochromia, that is, each eye is a different color. An albino cat will have a pinkish dermis, noticeable under their coat and on their nose, eyelids, lips, ears and paw pads.

If a cat has a white coat but its epidermis is grayish or white and its nose it means that the cat is not albino, despite being white.

Deafness in albino cats

Albino cats tend to suffer from partial or total deafness, which is caused by the alteration of the autosomal gene W resulting in an irreversible malformation of the inner ear. Many other albino animals have this same deficiency. In the past it was believed that albino animals suffered from mental disorders, which is not true. Being deaf causes difficulties in the cat's understanding, but it does not affect their intelligence.

Deafness can be detected when the cat is a kitten because they do not come to you when you call their name. You will have to learn to communicate effectively with them. If you think your cat is suffering from deafness, it is important to learn how to care for deaf cats to help them communicate and live without this sense. Ask your vet for advice.

Just like deaf people, it is possible for deaf albino cats to be able to communicate. This communication is done using gestures which the cat learns to distinguish with a little training. It also includes the gestures of your face.

Albino deaf cats are sensitive to vibrations, which is why they know when a door closes, or when you are approaching because of your footsteps. However, it is very dangerous for deaf cats to be out alone on the street, as there is a very high risk of being run over.

The epidermis of albino cats

The epidermis of albino cats is very sensitive to the action of sun rays. This means that you must protect them from direct sun exposure, especially between midday and 5 pm. It is vital that the vet prescribe a non-toxic cream or sunblock to apply on the cat's nose.

Their dermis can suffer from severe burns, and they are more likely to develop skin cancer than other cats.

Blindness in albino cats

In some cases of albinism, the whites of the cat's eyes are pink or even red. These cats are even better at seeing at nighttime than others. However, albino cats cannot handle intense light well.

If you suspect your cat may be suffering from blindness, it is very important to go to the vet as soon as possible and they will give you the most appropriate advice for your case.

As you can see, caring for an albino cat requires more time and attention. Have you ever had an albino cat as a pet? If so, please share your experience in the comments section.

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