Caring for White Cloud Mountain Minnow Fish

Caring for White Cloud Mountain Minnow Fish

The White Cloud Mountain minnow, or Tanichthys albonubes, is the ideal species to get to know in order to acquire all the knowledge you will eventually need for a healthy, full aquarium. This species are relatively easy to look after because the infrastructure they require is simple, and they are quite gentle. Therefore, they are great pets for beginners.

Keep reading this AnimalWised article to find out the basics of caring for White Cloud Mountain minnow fish. Here are our best tips:

What is the best aquarium for a White Cloud Mountain minnow?

If you only want a shoal of White Cloud Mountain Minnows, without mixing with other similar species, an aquarium with a capacity of 60 litres will be sufficient.

However, bear in mind that the shoal should not amount to more than 12 or 14 minnows; neither should it include any other species, except for cleaning snails. If you want to combine White Cloud Mountain minnows with other species, you will need a fish tank with a larger capacity.

In terms of pH and water hardness, their requirements are not too demanding. A pH between 6 and 8 will be suitable. The water hardness may range between 6 and 8 dH and 18 and 22 dH. They can live in temperatures ranging between 10 and 24° C (50 to 75º F). The optimum temperature is 20º C (68º F).

How to set up a fish tank for White Cloud Mountain minnows

White Cloud Mountain minnows like to swim in shoals; therefore, plants should be placed on the sides of the aquarium, leaving a large central space for them to navigate comfortably. They like to move around near the surface.

Alpha minnows swim in the middle of the shoal surrounded by the other fish. This is why it is important for the shoal to be big; this becomes even more important if the aquarium is shared with other species. Alpha minnows attack their companions if they don't feel protected in the centre of the shoal.

If White Cloud Mountain minnows live in larger aquariums shared with other species, the shoal will need to increase to a minimum size of 20. There are many plants and rocks with holes that can serve as shelter for them.

What is the best type of water for minnows?

Tap water rested for 24 hours to dissipate the chlorine naturally is enough to fill the tank. There are many species that require mineral water with no hint of chlorine to survive, which can be very expensive each year.

White Cloud Mountain minnows do require very clean water. Therefore an effective filter is needed. Their water needs to be changed more frequently than in the case of other species.

The diet of White Cloud Mountain minnow fish

White Cloud Mountain minnows are omnivores, and not very demanding. In the aquarium, they can be fed flakes, but it is best to grind them up with your fingers beforehand. Due to the small size of White Cloud Mountain minnows (4-6 cm, 1.5-2.3 inches), the size of the flakes need to be smaller.

They appreciate a varied diet. These fish like fruit flies, insect larvae and brine shrimp. Their diet must also include natural algae.

Compatible species with White Cloud Mountain minnows

If you have a large aquarium you probably want to complement your shoal of White Cloud Mountain minnow with other compatible species. Some fish can live in a community aquarium, but you should always do some research beforehand. Find out the fish compatible with White Cloud Mountain minnows below:

Armored catfish

These cleaning fish live at the bottom of the aquarium, feeding on debris produced by other species. They are essential when aquariums reach certain size. In the picture you can see a Corydoras sterbai:

True loaches

True loaches or cobitidae have an organ that allows them to adhere to aquarium walls and plants. Therefore, they thoroughly clean the places where they settle. In the picture you can see a Kuhli Loach (Pangio kuhlii):


Zebrafish (Danio rerio) are very beautiful fish, and they are compatible with White Cloud Mountain minnows. Their life expectancy is similar to that of White Cloud Mountain minnows: 3 or 4 years. They are schooling fish just like White Cloud Mountain minnows, but they don't need as many fish in their shoal.

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