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Clothes for Small Dogs

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: February 22, 2018
Clothes for Small Dogs

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All of us small dog owners know that they need extra protection when the weather is especially cold or rainy - it's not just about decoration, clothes fulfill a function. Small dogs often shudder and tremble; this happens because of different reasons, but shivering with cold is one of them. Cold makes small dogs feel tense and nervous. Luckily, nowadays we have an infinite variety of brands and products to wrap up our tiny pets.

This is why here at AnimalWised we'll share a list of clothes for small dogs in a picture gallery. Get the information that you need to clothe your dog properly - and always in style.

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  1. Coats and Raincoats
  2. Sweaters
  3. Boots for dogs
  4. Oddities and rarities:

Coats and Raincoats

In the coldest days of the year we must do our best to protect and isolate our small dog so that they don't suffer from pain or stress every time we go out for a walk. Likewise, we want to prevent them from catching a cold. We must pay special attention to older dogs and dogs suffering from bone or muscular problems. If necessary, ask your vet for advice.

In the picture you can see a coat that protects the dog from the rain and the cold; moreover, the fabric is breathable and reflects the light, making it a perfect choice for winter walks.

Clothes for Small Dogs - Coats and Raincoats

This coat below shows a different vision of fashion design for small dogs; in this case, it's much more human than the one before. This, of course, goes to show just how many pet clothes lines and products there are.

Clothes for Small Dogs -


Even within our homes, if windows are not properly shut and there are drafts our small dog can also feel cold and even get sick. This is why we can turn for indoor pieces like this sweater. You'll be able to find many different styles and materials, but you should get the one that feels best for your pet.

Of course, do your best to insulate your home and save as much energy as possible - your wallet and the environment will thank you!

Clothes for Small Dogs - Sweaters

Boots for dogs

In this article about clothes for small dogs we can't forget about boots for our pets. They're especially designed for dogs with sensitive pads or for when we take our small friend for a run on the snow. Therefore, boots for dogs are very useful for those pets with special necessities.

Clothes for Small Dogs - Boots for dogs

Oddities and rarities:

Yes - some clothes for dogs do not really have a function beyond looking cool. Here are our favorites:

Clothes for Small Dogs - Oddities and rarities:
Clothes for Small Dogs -
Clothes for Small Dogs -
Clothes for Small Dogs -
Clothes for Small Dogs -
Clothes for Small Dogs -
Clothes for Small Dogs -

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Clothes for Small Dogs