Create a Positive Daily Routine for Your Dog

By Olivia Grisham, Journalist specialized in animal care. June 6, 2017
Create a Positive Daily Routine for Your Dog

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We are constantly discussing our need to integrate positive habits and a concrete routine into our daily lives. But, what about the routines of our pets? Ever since we domesticated dogs and cats, have we ever doubted the way of living we give our pets?

In this AnimalWised article we will show you some good habits to create a positive daily routine for your dog. You will learn all you need to know to make you and your dog's day feel more complete.

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Daily dog schedule

Following a specific dog walking schedule, dog feeding schedule and making time for play is essential for our dog to feel stable and calm. Instinctively, dogs know when it is time to eat and when they should prompt their owners for a walk. Fulfilling their basic needs in an orderly manner will help you organize your life and that of your best friend.

Create a Positive Daily Routine for Your Dog - Daily dog schedule

Dog skills, training and mental stimulation

Teaching your dog basic training commands will be critical for their safety and to better communicate with them. However, once learned, many owners stop working with their dogs. This is a serious mistake.

It is very important to note that providing your dog with mental stimulation is indispensable for them to be happy. Constantly stimulating their brain is key. We can use intelligence toys (board type) or a kong, but the truth is that it is also important to work on different dog skills and tricks. A dog that works daily with their owner will be much happier and know how to relate much more positively.

Create a Positive Daily Routine for Your Dog -  Dog skills, training and mental stimulation

Daily socialization for dogs and puppies

Following a correct socialization routine with other dogs and people is essential.From their ancestors, dogs retain their social nature that is based on hierarchy among members of a herd. All groups, humans and animals alike, count as a herd. We know that what they learn during puppy socialization makes them better adapt to different changes of environments. Thus, they learn to tolerate their secondary role in front of their owner.

All dogs should be able to interact daily with other individuals, regardless of species. Dogs that have not been properly socialized may suffer behavioral problems in their adult stage such as fear, reactivity or introversion.

Careful if your dog...

Animals adopted in their adult stage usually have a defined personality in front of other animals and / or people. Their owner will have to readapt them to the new social environment they must live in. A dog's habit of getting along with people and animals will open the door to almost any home and a long and happy life. Whenever it seems impossible to live a normal life, remember that you can go to a specialist.

Even if your dog is not adopted, bad experiences or bad socialization can make them aggressive or reactive with other dogs and / or people. These behaviors generate tension in the family and make daily socialization difficult. Since we cannot take them anywhere, this limits their freedoms and can lead to frustration in owners. We must work intensely on this point.

Create a Positive Daily Routine for Your Dog - Daily socialization for dogs and puppies

Allow your dog to play every day

All dogs should be able to enjoy at least 15 or 30 minutes a day of free fun, such as playing ball with them. This habit is essential to help them release stress and enrich their day to day life in a positive way.

However, dogs must learn to differentiate between what is playing and what is not. Virtually all dogs shred something of value to their owners at some point in their life, especially when they are puppies. We should not let this be habitual behavior. They must learn to recognize their toys and those which are not.

To eradicate this habit is essential to interpret why they are doing this. If it is because we leave them for 12 hours a day, they can act out to get our attention. Some dogs prefer to ignore their owner as a form of punishment. This can also happen if they do not have enough toys.

Ideally, dogs should enjoy an active outdoor game (ball, frisbee, running) and have indoor toys to enjoy. Reinforcing them positively when you use them will be crucial for your dog to understand that they must use these items and not our shoes!

Create a Positive Daily Routine for Your Dog - Allow your dog to play every day

Give your dog time alone

When it comes to puppies, accepting moments of solitude like habits and positive routines for the dog is usually more difficult. Before arriving with us, the puppy was separated from their mother and brothers. Although we know that it is difficult for them, the little one must learn to be alone and overcome the famous separation anxiety. For this, we will start leaving our pup for only small periods of time and in this way, we will strengthen their confidence.

Of course, no dog should be condemned to solitude. Remember that they are social animals that live in herds, so company is necessary. If they are aware that they will only be alone for a period of time, (never exceed 8 hours of solitude) the response to this habit will never be negative. In the long run, they will become distracted by themselves, whether playing, sleeping or looking through a window.

However, if we leave our dog alone too many hours behavior problems may appear. Such as destruction, howling or trying to escape. These may also appear if we do not properly meet the basic needs of our pet.

Create a Positive Daily Routine for Your Dog - Give your dog time alone

Dog walking schedule

Daily walks are essential for your dog. As you know, dogs need to go outside to do their business, but also to continue to interact with other dogs and people. It is a fundamental part of their daily life and essential for a happy life.

In addition, during the walk dogs relax by sniffing objects, urine and plants of all kinds. Allowing this behavior is very important, that is, provided that our dog has their up to date vaccines. Otherwise, they may be susceptible to illness.

Do not forget to adapt the rhythm of the walk. Old dogs, puppies, short-legged dogs and those who are ill will need a quiet and relaxed walk, as well as breeds like the pug, boxer, bulldog or boston terrier - among others. On the other hand, the terrier or lebrel type will enjoy a more active and combined physical exercise.

Create a Positive Daily Routine for Your Dog - Dog walking schedule

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Create a Positive Daily Routine for Your Dog
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Create a Positive Daily Routine for Your Dog

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