Cute Halloween Costumes for Cats

Cute Halloween Costumes for Cats

Witches, the living dead, ghosts and vampires invade the streets during Halloween, hoping to find the perfect victim to terrify. The holiday of October 31 is one of the year's most highly anticipated events, owing to the many surprises that await, the opportunity to dress up as our favorite villains and have a great party in a setting that's directly from our worst nightmares.

For years, cats have been one of the main features of this popular night due to their relationship with witches - so why not dress it up? Let your imagination run wild and make your cat the scariest and most original will leave your guests speechless! We want to help you in this Animal Wised article, and to do so we'll give you a list of the best cute Halloween costumes for cats, with images and simple ideas.

Halloween costumes for black cats

Legend has it that, during the night of Halloween, witches leave their human form and turn into black cats, so that they can wander the streets at will. They put a curse on everything that crosses their path, giving them a life plagued with bad luck. Of course, it's no more than a story created with the aim of inciting fear among children and adults during this long-awaited night.

But if your cat has a beautiful dark fur, you're lucky enough to have one of the symbols of this popular festivity. Take advantage of this fact and make your black cat a costume to go with the event!

It's always a good move to go for orange pumpkins when dressing up your cat during Halloween. It won't bother them at all and the contrast will look awesome.

And if you want a more elaborate yet comfortable costume for your cat, get hold of an animal friendly dye! This should be a non-permanent product so that the color easily disappears after washing your cat's fur (with a damp cloth, never under the shower). And, above all else, make sure that it isn't toxic. This costume is not recommended if your cat is not used to water at all.

Witch night!

Halloween is also known as the night of the dead and... the night of witches! The story goes that, many years ago, witches' covens were called by the devil twice a year, on April 30th and October 31st. Darkness filled the streets during these nights, as monstrous beings resurfaced from far away, and everything was tainted by the black magic practiced by the witches.

Even if your feline isn't a jet-black color, it can also turn into the worst of the witches with a good hat!

If your cat can handle having something around their necks, then add a cape and turn your feline into a real witch or wizard!

If you have a big enough cauldron, put a pillow inside and place your cat there as its bed. And if you want to really scare your guests, place the cauldron nearby so that your cat will unexpectedly surprise them when it wakes up.

To hell with the cat!

Nothing that happens during this night occurs by chance. Each of the horrifying and terrifying creatures are related, and follow in the footsteps of the same individual; the devil. If you still don't know which Halloween costume is the most appropriate for your cat, get hold of some devil horns and let it terrify your guests.

Red is a color that should always be present on the night of Halloween - give your cat a cape and complete their outfit.

The flying cat

Bats, for decades, were the animal form of vampires, stalking their prey from the air without being seen or heard. These creatures are immortal; the living dead that are spectacularly beautiful and highly seductive. As such, the night of the dead can also act as a commemoration, giving them a starring role alongside previous characters.

This is a very simple costume. All you need to do is get hold of some black wings, or make them yourself, and put them on your cat?s back.

Beware the spirits!

Spirits roam the streets on the night of the dead, scaring children and adults and trying to settle their unsettled business. Are you looking for a simple and scary costume for your cat? Don?t think about it any more. Look for a white sheet and unleashes your imagination. The ghost cat is an option that never fails!

Pirates ahoy!

For those that want to steer clear of the classic Halloween costumes for cats, we suggest turning your feline into a vile pirate! Pirates have always been regarded as cruel people, without scruples or compassion, capable of doing anything to get what they want. As such, even though they don?t feature in the story of the night of the dead, they are characters that fit perfectly with the words ?terror?, ?horror? and ?fright?.

Put a pirate hat on your cat or cover an eye with a patch made of cloth!

Other Halloween costumes for cats

Still don't know which is the best Halloween costume for your cat? Be creative, check the materials you have in hand and make a DIY homemade cat costume that's original, different, simple and terrifying. To help with this task, we recommend that you check our article on homemade costumes for cats where we offer you many other ideas.

Don't forget to send us a picture of your cat in their costume and let us know how your Halloween was!

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