Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities

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Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities

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When considering rabbit adoption, it is important to consider breed types which might best suit your family. As with dogs and cats, their breed type can influence their personality and the characteristics they display. They will even bear a part in their behavior and physical appearance.

In this AnimalWised article we will take a look at some of the different rabbit breeds and personalities to consider. We have the most popular and most interesting rabbit breeds detailed herein and we provide information on their generally agreed upon personality leanings and what character traits they typically share. Some of these breeds may be available near you, whereas others may not. It is important, however, to remember that all domestic rabbit breeds can make wonderful pets, so providing love and adequate care will always prevail over breed type.

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Blanc de Hotot

The Blanc de Hotot is a breed developed by Eugene Bernhard in 1902, specifically in the Hotot-an-Auge commune in French Normandy. Since then it has become particularly noted for its sweet looking appearance. Unfortunately, only a few select breeders propagate this breed, resulting in its relative rarity among international rabbit owners.

It is one of the most beautiful rabbit breeds as they display wide brown eyes which are framed in a deep black color. Their fur is always white (hence the blanc of their name), which makes the black rimmed eyes loo like spectacles. They love to eat which helps bulk out their thick and rounded figure, although it also leads to a preponderance towards obesity.

Hotot rabbits are quite small which makes the suitable for apartment living, although they do require the ability to run free and exercise like all rabbits. They can tend to be somewhat fearful, but with time will get used to your presence and develop into a loyal companion if treated respectfully.

Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities - Blanc de Hotot


The Rex rabbit has been classified in two different sizes. The standard Rex is larger and can weigh up to 5 kg. The mini Rex, unsurprising when considering the name, is smaller and usually weighs somewhere between 1 and 2 kg.

We can find all kinds of color and fur patterns in Rex rabbits, ranging from black, chocolate, red, white and/or spotted variations. We must emphasize just how super soft this rabbit's coat is to the touch.

In general, these are very active rabbits which need a family to allow them freedom to run around their home at various times of the day. Ideally, you can find a safe area or run where they can leave their cage and get sufficient exercise. They are both sociable and friendly.

Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities - Rex


The Lionhead rabbit is one of the most distinctive looking rabbit breeds with long fur around its face, somewhat resembling the mane of a lion. Originally bred in Belgium, the Lionhead rabbit is considered a purebred, although some breeders have recently created mixes with other rabbits such as the Lop to create larger specimens.

Usually, Lionhead rabbits are bred to be small. Their weight is between 1 and 2 kg and can also come in a range of colors. They have a very furry head, but their body is conversely usually only to a medium short length. Brushing is recommended on a semi-regular basis.

The Lionhead rabbit stands out for being a lap pet. They have lots of patience and enjoy staying in their guardian's arms and being petted for a long time.

Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities - Lionhead


Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Lop rabbit is their lopsided ears from which they derive their name. They are a docile and especially sweet rabbit. They form strong bonds with their owners and will respond well when treated with grace.

Within the Lop rabbit breed are many types differentiated by their size, fur or other physical characteristics. Among them we can find the Miniature Lion Lop and the Cashmere Lop rabbits which marry these different traits into beautiful breed variations.

If you want to know more about Lop rabbits, you can take a look at this article on the French Lop rabbit and their dietary care needs.

Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities - Lop

English Angora

Despite their name, the English Angora actually originates in Ankara, Turkey. It is a medium to large rabbit with an average weight bewteen 2.5 and 3.5 kg.

This breed of rabbit stands out for their long silky hair and is sometimes bred for the purpose of using their pelts for wool. There are also several colors of this English Angora, from white, black, chocolate or chestnut among others. They will need almost daily brushing to maintain this long coat.

They are usually exemplary animals, being docile and calm. However, this can also translate to timidity and they need to be cared for in a sensitive manner to reduce potential stress or anxiety.

Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities - English Angora

Dwarf rabbit

The Dwarf rabbit is not a specific breed, but rather a grouping of breeds which do not exceed 1.5 kg in weight and the Netherland Dwarf is just one such breed. They are popular in apartments thanks to their small size.

Netherland Dwarf rabbits have a sweet and compact appearance with short and rounded ears. They have very soft fyr which can be brown, gray, black or white when being shown in competition.

They are mire independent than other rabbit breeds, but they are particularly fearful and suspicious of strangers. With patience, time and love, however, they can grow to love you as much as you will love them.

Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities - Dwarf rabbit

Flemish Giant

The Flemish giant rabbit is from Flanders (Belgium) and is a very popular pet on many farms around the world due to its huge size, lovely appearance and gentle temperament. They can weigh up to a massive 10 kg and have a long and wide body which differentiates them from other rabbit breeds.

We can find them in all colors including black, bluish, beige, grey, brown or white.

They are calm and docile despite their size, making them gentle giants and wonderful pets for families. However, they will not be forced to do something they don't want to do. They need a lot of space to move around, although they will also spend a lot of their day lying around and resting.

Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities - Flemish Giant


The Tan rabbit has a unique coat which closely resembles that of a Doberman or Rottweiler dog. They appeared in England in the late 19th century and are a result of breeding between wild rabbits and Dutch rabbits.

Their personality is one of constant alertness, but is a smart and curious rabbit nonetheless. They are of a medium size (up to 2.5 kg) with a sweet nature and kind character which compensates for its high need for exercise.

Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities - Tan

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Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities
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Different Rabbit Breeds and Personalities

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