Do Dogs Dream?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. September 26, 2016
Do Dogs Dream?

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Surely you've wondered at some point what dogs dream about when they are asleep. It isn't strange to see them crazily move their legs or hear them sobbing while they sleep. In fact, this is a very common occurrence during the night. So here is the answer to many people's question: Do dogs dream too?

Of course; dogs can dream too, just like us or other mammalian species. This article will explain this phenomenon further; you will find out many interesting facts about dogs' dreams which you'll surely love to learn about. Next time, you'll know what's going on in your pet's mind! Stay with us at AnimalWised:

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When do dogs dream?

As is the case with humans, dogs and other mammals also reach the REM stage of sleep. REM means "rapid eye movement" because of the noticeable fast and random movement of the eyes. During REM sleep our body is inactive but the neurons are working hard; this phase of sleep is when we - and dogs - dream.

This particular phase of sleep allows the brain of any animal to focus on past experiences and helps them to remember what they have done during the day.

Obviously no one can clearly say what exactly dogs dream about, but if you analysed their brain activity, you would see an electroencephalograph very similar to human beings.

Do Dogs Dream? - When do dogs dream?

Can dogs have nightmares?

Following the behavior pattern of a human brain during the REM phase of sleep, we can more or less determine that a dog will dream about the experiences that it has lived during the day or about past memories.

Therefore, if your dog has at some point had a negative experience in their life - something perfectly normal - it may be that they dream of this. This sort of nightmare will frighten tour dog, and of course they will tremble or even sob.

You should avoid waking your dog during their nightmare to avoid a shock or an accidental bite. If you find that your dog has unusual nightmares or has them very often, you should see a specialist to rule out any health problems.

Do Dogs Dream? - Can dogs have nightmares?

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My female dog is producing milk and not pregnant and we have a cat that keeps nursing on her how can we stop this so she can dry up
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Hi James,

You should take them to a veterinarian if you are unsure, but this article might help point you in the right direction:
Do Dogs Dream?
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Do Dogs Dream?

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