Does My Guinea Pig Love Me?

Does My Guinea Pig Love Me?

Guinea pigs, otherwise known as Cavia porcellus, are perhaps the most popular rodents which are kept as pets. This is predominantly thanks to their tender and loving personalities and because they are easy animals to maintain.

Native to South America, guinea pigs are herbivorous mammals that reproduces extremely rapidly. Currently, guinea pigs have been increasingly domesticated. However, identifying wether your guinea pig is comfortable with you maybe be difficult to establish. Therefore here at AnimalWised we will be discussing whether your guinea pig loves you. We will teach you to detect the small signs so that signify how your guinea pig feels about you.

General character of Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are not like dogs. The are more reserved and tend to be quite scared. If in contact with the slightest sudden noise or movement, it is likely that a new guinea pig will run for shelter. If your guinea pig tries to run away every time you try to hold it or give it affection, know that this personality type is common among this species. These animals are however not instinctively aggressive. Every guinea pig is known to have its own personality type: some love playing, others love to be close to their owners and all are generally known to be intelligent animals.

But, how does one know if their guinea pig loves them? keep reading to find out more.

1. Your guinea pig nibbles your shoes or toes

If your guinea pig nibbles your shoes or toes, by reaching this level of confidence, you can trust that they love you. Nibbling this way is used as a way for animals to show love or ask for food.

If however, you have recently adopted a guinea pig and he/she runs away every time you try to caress it: you must change the way you relate to it. At first, it is normal that this animal will show fear towards you, since it surrounded by a different environment with new stimuli. To help your guinea pig become more confident and feel safer, leave its cage open: allowing it to accustom itself to the new environment. After a while, once all has been taken in, you will find that your guinea pig will slowly feel more comfortable with you.

2. Your guinea pig lets you hold it

Because guinea pigs are commonly fearful and nervous animals, if your guinea pig lets you hold it, you know you have succeeded! By letting you catch and hold them, it shows that they feel confident with you and consider you a protective and loving figure. If, however, your guinea pig is initially nervous and appears scared, be patient and gentle when approaching it. Do not force your guinea pig to be near you, give it time to adapt to you and this environment.

3. Your guinea pig eats from your hand

It is normal that, at first, it will be difficult getting your guinea pig to eat from your hand. Start with simple and patient steps. First, leave the food in its container, giving it the freedom to choose when and how it eats. After some time, offer your guinea pig food from your hand. Once the animal eats comfortably from your hand you, can trust that they feel more comfortable with you.

Remember that guinea pigs are herbivorous animals, so they require a good amount of fiber in their diet. They can also feed on grass and hay, as well as fruits and vegetables. It is also a well known fact that these animals love oranges!

4. Your guinea pig enjoys your company

How can you know if your guinea pig loves you and enjoys your company? Well, the answer is simpler than you may imagine. If you notice that your little friend follows you around the house, stays by your side and allows you to caress it: they care for you. These signs signify that they enjoy your company and feel safe with you. Like any other animal, guinea pigs won’t understand if you speak to them, but they will recognize the tonal qualities of your voice. Hearing a familiar sound, in addition to seeing you, will help them feel even more safe and secure.

5. Your guinea pig doesn’t bite you

Guinea pigs use biting as a way of defending themselves. This biting is common if they are in a new environment, surrounded by strange stimuli. However, through time and familiarization, you will find that these bites will lessen to licks or soft sucks. These lighter mouth works are a way in which these animals demonstrate affection and care.

It is important however to remember that during a guinea pig’s heat phase, they become slightly more stressed and aggressive. This phase should pass. If however, your guinea pig is not in heat, and starts biting again, it might be a sign of pain and illness. In this case, we recommend taking a look at our article on how to know whether your guinea pig is sick.

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