Eco Friendly Products for Eco Conscious Pet Owners

By Angie Miller. September 8, 2020
Eco Friendly Products for Eco Conscious Pet Owners

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Animal lovers who have decided to adopt a dog as a pet know that choosing an appropriate bed for their faithful friend is not always easy. In this article, you will see what factors you need to consider and discover an online store to make the right purchase.

Dog owners who care about their pets' well-being know that it is difficult to find a good dog bed that is both comfortable and also eco-friendly. We want something our dog will use, but it should not have a negative impact on the planet. Finding one is not an impossible task. Since improving our dog’s quality of life should never be an inconvenience, keep reading this AnimalWised article to see how you can find the perfect bed for your pet.

What makes a good dog bed?

First of all, a dog bed needs to be durable, resistant and easy to wash. Removable covers make cleaning easier and therefore increases the bed's hygiene benefits. Any good cover can be replaced easily. Since a good dog bed is one they will use every day, they usually suffer a lot of wear and tear.

Good dog owners love their pets, but this love also extends to the rest of nature. This means they care about the health of the planet and as well as their dog. For this reason, no pet owner would want a dog bed made from fabrics full of toxic chemicals. Since so many manufacturers needlessly use harmful chemicals in making dog beds, finding one which is durable and eco-friendly was difficult. It is no longer impossible thanks to the organic pet beds crafted by Lifeveganpets.

Lifeveganpets dog beds

Lifeveganpets has achieved great success with their dog and cat beds, made of 100% organic cotton and filled with vegetable fibers. Discerning pet lovers know the value of buying only organic pet products, so they will love the quality of these beds. Proof of quality is found in their being awarded a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate. This is an international quality certificate which verifies the cotton has been grown without pesticides, it is cultivated in a sustainable manner with significant water savings and the colors of the fabrics are obtained with natural vegetable dyes from plants and seeds. The bed has been sustainably created from completely natural ingredients and practices.

Since they have a GOTS certificate, the filling of these eco-dog beds are of vegetable origin. They are made from the Kapok tree, also known as the Java-cotton. Among its many benefits is the fact it is totally toxin-free, antibacterial, anti-mold, moisture-resistant and they regulate temperature. This means these fibers are more than an eco-friendly resource. They have the qualities which can provide all dogs with a peaceful night's rest.

Lifeveganpets sets itself apart from the competing dog bed manufacturers as they don’t use polyester in their bed fillings. It should be noted that polyester is a petroleum derivative and prolonged exposure to this material causes skin allergies, irritation, inhalation of toxins and is also potentially carcinogenic due to the chemicals used in the material's manufacture. Responsible pet owners should always be on the lookout for ways they can replace harmful materials like polyester with natural alternatives to benefit the lives of their faithful companions.

Dog beds suitable for vegan owners

Since these beds are made from plant materials, they are suitable for vegan pet owners. No material of animal origin, such as wool or silk, is used. Lifeveganpets is firmly committed to being a 100% cruelty-free company, respecting both animal life and the environment.

Lifeveganpets are committed to the health of our companion animals as well as the greater natural world. That is why all their products are made with natural vegetable fibers and never from synthetic petroleum derivatives, such as polyester or nylon. The latter are full of chemicals and toxins with potentially carcinogenic side-effects, as indicated above.

Additionally, the fabrics of the covers of these eco dog beds come from plants, such as organic cotton and Kapok. They are never derived from animals, unlike wool, leather or silk. That's why the organic pet beds marketed by this company are all cruelty-free and suitable for vegan pet owners. They are consciously committed to buying materials in accordance with their principles of no animal abuse. Sustainable pet beds are not only healthy for pets, but they also protect farmers and the planet from toxic chemicals. In doing so, they also promote fair trade. By looking after the planet and each other, we ensure the best future for generations to come.

Eco Friendly Products for Eco Conscious Pet Owners - Dog beds suitable for vegan owners

Organic products that don't neglect design and comfort

Since these organic dog beds have unique and exclusive designs, they will blend perfectly with the home décor of their owners. Of course, the importance to the dog is the softness and comfort of these beds and their fluffy fillings. As already indicated, for greater ease in washing them, the cover can be easily removed. All products are free of harmful chemicals and made of environmentally friendly materials.

Lifeveganpets have also brought out their latest collection of eco dog bandanas made of 100% certified organic cotton. They can also be used for cats. These pet bandanas have an extensive collection made with matching organic fabric and a pocket to insert a filter. Everything pet owners need to add a touch of style to their furry companion's lives is right here.

Finally, remember that organic dog beds, organic dog bandanas and all Lifeveganpets products are individually handmade in Spain. Those who wish to support local artisan trade will enjoy these organic products made with the best quality materials, valuing above all the health and comfort of their pets and the planet.

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Eco Friendly Products for Eco Conscious Pet Owners
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Eco Friendly Products for Eco Conscious Pet Owners

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