Feeding a Clownfish

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. September 28, 2016
Feeding a Clownfish

The clownfish or anemonefish is a very popular fish in aquariums all around the world. It is a tropical fish and requires a large aquarium of at least 150 litres. This type of fish is relatively easy to look after, as long as the minimum requirements of salinity, pH, temperature, lighting and habitat are met.

In this AnimalWised post you will be properly informed about feeding a clownfish. You should always use high quality food to keep your fish beautiful and help it live longer. Read on and learn more!

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The anemone and the clownfish

You should know that anemones are vital for clownfish to thrive in their habitat. There is a symbiosis between both species that favors their existence. Therefore, you should have an anemone for each clownfish. These fish are very territorial and will fight each other if there aren't enough anemones.

There are many varieties of clownfish. It is good to have the most suitable anemone for each variety of clownfish. When adopting your fish, you should properly inform yourself about this and provide the fish with a compatible anemone.

Feeding a Clownfish - The anemone and the clownfish

Food produced by the anemone

Anemones, besides protecting their tenant from larger fish in the aquarium, provide food. Clownfish feed on the anemone's food waste and its parasites. For this reason, there is a symbiotic coexistence between the two existing species.

Besides being useful for its clownfish partner, anemones add an indescribable beauty to aquariums. Anemones require very clean water and specific lighting.

Feeding a Clownfish - Food produced by the anemone

Water volume

It is normal to have a couple of clownfish per aquarium, if it has a capacity of at least 150 litres. Each extra clown fish will require 75 litres of water each.

The reason for needing so much space is due to their predatory habits as they are a carnivorous family. For this reason, feed your clownfish by distributing food across the surface of the aquarium, without stopping the currents of the water. This will ensure that the clownfish chases the food, preserving its predatory character.

Feeding a Clownfish - Water volume

The diet of a clownfish

Clownfish require a rich diet consisting of meat and a small proportion of plant matter. Sometimes live food should be given to clownfish. That way, the predatory instinct of clownfish is satisfied.

Regular clownfish food includes:

  • Cooked mussels
  • White fish
  • Squid
  • Peeled shrimp
  • Cockles
  • Octopus
  • Chicken livers
  • Small crustaceans

You should also provide live feed such as worms and brine shrimp. You can also give them top quality dry feed. For vegetables, you can give clownfish chard and cooked spinach.

Feeding a Clownfish - The diet of a clownfish

Clownfish tank mates

Clownfish can be accompanied by certain species. There are a lot of tropical fish that can be kept in an aquarium. Blue and Yellowtail Damselfish are compatible with clownfish.

The shrimp Periclimines is extraordinary company for both the clownfish and the anemones, as it feeds on the waste of both. This tiny shrimp also provides a lovely spot of color to the aquarium.

Feeding a Clownfish - Clownfish tank mates

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Feeding a Clownfish
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Feeding a Clownfish

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