Finding my Dog a Partner - Step by Step Guide

Finding my Dog a Partner - Step by Step Guide

There are many people looking who look for a partner for their dog - they might even call it "looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend" or "matchmaking" - so that their pet can either enjoy the company of other dogs in a fun and different way, or so that they can have puppies.

No matter your purpose, the important thing is that the two dogs are compatible and bring the best of each other to their puppies. Stay at AnimalWised and read our step by step guide on how to find your dog a partner.

Steps to follow:

First of all, you must be clear on why you want a partner for your dog. Breeding puppies to sell them is illegal without a license. If you want your dog to have puppies, you must be able to care for them properly and make them members of your family - and there might be many of them. Remember that no one will look after a puppy like you would, so you should keep this in mind before giving a living being to someone you don't know.

If you are considering breeding your dog, we at AnimalWised have a question for you: Have you ever been to a kennel or shelter?

People don't only abandon mixed-breed, adult and sick dogs there - although most of their inhabitants do belong to these categories. There are also entire litters of abandoned Boxers, Huskies, Weimaraners and more. These are dogs that someone has decided to stop caring for.

We have all daydreamed about how nice it would be to have a junior version of our best friends, but the truth is that most people are unaware of the realities of abandoned dogs. We strongly believe that if you want a puppy, you should adopt one; even if you want it to look like your pedigree dog, you'll surely find one that does.


If you do want to breed your dog, a very important factor to consider before finding a breeding partner for your dog is their health. You shouldn't breed dogs if one of them carries a genetic disease that can affect their puppies in the future.

Some of the most troubling health problems in dogs include hip dysplasia, arthrosis and genetically inherited diseases. It is very important that you go to the vet to rule out any diseases that may be present, and to find out the medical history of your dog's parents and their potential partner before you consider breeding them. You must be responsible for the future of the puppies.


The same goes for the potential partner that you are considering for your dog. You should take into account its state of health and the situation you find it in. Do not allow your dog to breed with a dog suffering from bad health, stress or not living in decent conditions.

If you love animals, you should always keep this in mind. You'd be surprised how many female dogs are abandoned with milk still in them. These animals are used simply to be bred, as tools for economic purposes.


When you are looking for a partner for your dog, the internet has a wide range of possibilities as you will find very different results from very different people around the world.

Carefully choose a few candidates and contact them. Always ask them for certified information about the health of your dog's future partner. Do not meet those who are not willing to spend money on a check-up: This will tell you what kind of person they are and will also indicate that they do not have the funds to look after the puppies.

You should also agree with the chosen owner who will be responsible for the puppies. It is very important that all the puppies are loved and treated equally. There may be 3 or even 10 puppies, depending on each particular case.


Once you've found the perfect candidate who fulfills your requirements, you can now schedule a visit and get down to business.

If after reading this article you are having second thoughts, you can go to a dog shelter to find the puppy of your dreams. If you love dogs, you will find one.

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