Foods Rich in Taurine for Dogs with Heart Problems

Foods Rich in Taurine for Dogs with Heart Problems

If you have a dog with heart problems at home and you are looking for specific foods to feed it, taurine can be a very beneficial supplement. In addition to the dog's diet, you should also be aware of its specific diagnosis and treatment. Heart diseases are often linked to obesity, so you should also make sure your dog does moderate exercise regularly.

Caring for a dog with heart problems is not easy, because you have to devote energy and make sure you know all the points and guidelines set by the veterinary. This AnimalWised article will provide an overview of foods rich in taurine for dogs with heart problems, but remember that before you give anything to your pet, you should make sure it is alright to do so by asking the vet.

Taurine is beneficial for your dog's health

Giving the correct food to a dog with heart problems greatly reduces its discomfort. Well-known foods that are good for heart conditions include those low in salt and containing protein - provided that the liver or kidneys are not damaged - as well as taurine.

Taurine can usually be found in high quality dog food but you can look for other foods rich in taurine to strengthen your dog's heart.

After carrying out studies on the effect of taurine in dogs' health, veterinary cardiology service technicians at the University of Sacramento concluded that "a taurine deficiency can cause heart diseases". They also state that "dogs with heart problems will benefit from a supplement of taurine".

Taurine, then, is beneficial for dogs. Besides helping with heart problems, taurine can:

  • Prevent muscle degeneration
  • Strengthen the heart muscle
  • Prevent arrhythmias
  • Improve vision
  • Remove harmful substances

Food of animal origin

Dogs principally eat meat, and vegetables to a lesser extent. In this case, this is good because taurine can be found in foods of animal origin. Taurine can naturally be found in:

  • Chicken, especially in the legs or liver, where there is a greater amount.
  • Pork and beef. You can use the hearts of these meats and prepare a home-made diet for your dog.
  • Eggs (boiled) or dairy (cheese), always in small doses, also contain taurine and can be very helpful to your pet.
  • Octopus - for instance, boiled - is a natural food and source of taurine.

You must however always be careful of what food you feed your dogs and make sure they are appropriate for your canine.

Food of vegetal origin

In the same way, taurine can be found in food of vegetal origin although not all of them are suitable for dogs. You can give your pet meals containing yeast, green beans or beans.

Remember, it is the recommended that 15% of your pet's total diet is based on fruits and vegetables.


Artificial products containing taurine

In addition to natural products, you can also find prepared taurine in capsule or powder form. If you've decided to give this kind of supplement to your pet, you should consult the vet beforehand to find out whether you should give it to your dog, and in what doses.

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