How Long Does a Cat Live?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. January 2, 2017
How Long Does a Cat Live?

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Taking in an animal is to take responsibility for its life, that is why we must be clear about its longevity, the time it will accompany our family for. If we are not able to take charge of it we should look for another pet.

Cats are especially long-lived animals that can accompany us for many years. Today, thanks to vaccinations, high quality feed and veterinary proximity that age has increased significantly.

Do you want to know how long a cat lives for? In this AnimalWised article you will discover the cat's average life expectancy as well as some tips and tricks to improve its life and try to increase its longevity.

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Cat, a very long-lived animal

As discussed previously, there are factors that can increase or influence the cat's life. Among these are food, the absence of disease and the care they receive during their lifetime.

Usually we can estimate that a cat lives between 15 and 20 years. We cannot say exactly how much the life of a cat will last as, due to illness, it could pass out before age 15 and in some cases it may exceed 20. Every cat is unique and their life expectancy is too.

How Long Does a Cat Live? - Cat, a very long-lived animal

How to increase the longevity of my cat

Among the care of a cat we highlight primarily its diet, which should be of good quality and optimal for its nutritional needs. If you are not sure about what dry feed to offer your cat then consult your veterinarian. Sometimes, as they age, cats need specific food, not one that is simply 'light' but also suitable for heart problems, allergies etc.

You should also get informed about the exact quantities required, since an excess can cause obesity in cats, something that will reduce its life expectancy (especially in elderly cats).

It will also be important that you occasionally offer it wet food rations because the cat is an animal that usually drinks little water and so needs an extra form of hydration. Help the cat with this kind of cat food, it will find it delicious.

How Long Does a Cat Live? - How to increase the longevity of my cat


Another prerequisite will be to remain attentive of the health of our cat and to go to the vet when faced with any symptoms of disease. Some of the most common diseases are:

  • allergy
  • bronchopneumonia
  • influenza
  • otitis
  • conjunctivitis
  • cataracts
  • poor digestion

You can prevent the onset of serious illnesses by vaccinating your cat and restricting its access to the outside. If instead you want to allow it to come and go freely you must implant a tracking chip on it.

How Long Does a Cat Live? - Health

Finally we must keep a good level of hygiene for the cat's items including its bed, food bowls, sandpit, toys... And very important: we must change its water very regularly.

Likewise, the cat is an animal that requires attention and affection from its owners so that it is well socialised. We must encourage it to play and exercise, especially if it is overweight.

How Long Does a Cat Live? -

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How Long Does a Cat Live?
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How Long Does a Cat Live?

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