How to Bathe a Dog at Home: Tips and Products

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. October 10, 2017
How to Bathe a Dog at Home: Tips and Products

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Bathing your dog at home is much cheaper than a visit to the dog groomer and something that owners should do on a regular basis. Long-haired dogs should be bathed every two or three weeks, while short-haired dogs should be washed every month or month and a half.

Some people find it difficult, so they take their dog to a dog grooming salon. However, you should know that bathing your dog yourself strengthens the bond and trust between the both of you. Below, AnimalWised gives you the guidelines you need on how to bathe a dog at home, as well as tips and products you should use. Let's start!

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What do you need?

Bathing your dog is an absolute necessity in order to remove excess dead hair and keep them clean to prevent diseases and external parasites. As well as, preventing your dog from smelling bad, many pets find having a bath a relaxing and enjoyable experience in the company of their best friend, which is you!

Every dog has a specific type of fur, determining how often they should be washed and which products should be used.

To give your dog a bath, you will need some basic products. It is very important that you get everything on the list. This way, your dog won't be in a hurry to escape from the bath, and you will be able to finish the process:

  • Shampoo for dogs
  • Conditioner
  • Brush
  • Towels
  • Scissors
  • Pipette

Although there are natural things you can use such as apple vinegar, shampoos and formulas contain repellents which increase the effectiveness of the pipette you will apply afterwards. Find out about the benefits of the products you apply and be especially careful with dogs with skin problems.

If you have all these products ready, you can begin the wonderful task of bathing your dog. Put on comfortable clothes and get ready to get a bit wet!

How to Bathe a Dog at Home: Tips and Products - What do you need?

10 tips for bathing a dog

You need to make the bath a positive and rewarding experience for both of you. That's why we are giving you 10 tips for the perfect dog bath:

  • Your dog's skin is covered by a very thin layer of fat which protects and insulates them from infections and parasites. For this reason, it is very important that you don't bathe your dog too much. This is so the natural protective layers may be affected and stop working. You should wash your dog more or less often, depending on their hygienic state or hair type.
  • Always use products specifically for dogs. Never make the mistake of washing your dog with your own shampoo, as the needs of their skin and hair type are very different. You can get these types of shampoos in shops specialized in dogs and pets.
  • Always act in a calm manner. Just like when you take your dog for a walk, your pet should remain calm at all times. For that reason, your dog should act in a similar way when you bathe them. You must understand that this is a routine, so you are not going to bath your dog when they are excited.
  • The first time is critical. During the first few baths, it is very important that you make sure your dog enjoys the water, and has dog-friendly toys they can play with. If you make your pet feel comfortable, all other bath times will be easier.
  • The temperature of the water is very important. The water should be lukewarm, but keep in mind that it should be warmer rather than colder. Your dog's temperature can range between 37 - 38°C which means you have to be very careful with cold water.
  • Avoid getting water into your dog's ears. You have to make sure the water avoids the insides of their ears because it can cause very problematic inflammations. It is advisable to cover your dog's ears with caps specific for dogs.
  • Start with the head. Wash your dog's head carefully and give them lots of cuddles. Your dog should feel good and relaxed; it should be a comforting moment for your dog. Take this opportunity to give your dog an ear massage.
  • Be careful with moisture. Make an effort to dry your dog's entire body and make sure that no traces of water remain. It is advisable to use a dryer specialized for dogs (one that makes less noise so the animal does not get frightened).
  • Then, brush your dog's hair. Gently and thoroughly brush your dog's hair after the bath. This way, it will prevent more hair from becoming loose and you will be able to untangle the knots that may have been caused.
  • But above all... enjoy the moment and try and make your dog enjoy the process as much as you do.

If your dog has tear stains under their eyes, make sure you clean them away. If they stay wet, they could lead to a bacterial infection.

Remember that cleaning your dog does not stop at just a bath. It is essential that you clean your dog's ears, teeth and eyes regularly, so that they stay 100% healthy.

How to Bathe a Dog at Home: Tips and Products - 10 tips for bathing a dog

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How to Bathe a Dog at Home: Tips and Products
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How to Bathe a Dog at Home: Tips and Products

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