How to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. May 12, 2020
How to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

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It's your dog's birthday, why not celebrate it with their neighbourhood dog friends and some cake made for dogs? In this AnimalWised article we are going to help you organize and throw a dog party for your dog's birthday.

Continue reading to learn some dog birthday party ideas and an easy step-by-step guide to organising the best party for your dog. This will be a fun event, not only for your dog and their friends but also for their pet companions.

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Choosing the location

To celebrate your dog's birthday you'll need to choose a location first. To do this, you'll need to take various things into account. For example, the weather, the size of your dog, the amount of guests, etc.

For a dog birthday party, it's best to have a large space. If you have a patio, that's even better. Some people also choose to do their dog birthday party in a park. This is a great idea as it's outdoors, allowing dogs to play with their friends and spend time outside. A patio with a pool in summer is a great idea for both dogs and their pet companion.

If you have a small dog and there won't be many guests, then it's possible to have it in your home. Thanks to their size, they will still be able to play games and interact with their friends.

You should also take into account that the dog birthday party shouldn't last more than 2 hours. This is because your dog and their friends will get tired after 2 hours of socializing and playing together. Dogs don't have the same attention span as humans so try to keep the party within 2 hours.


Once you have chosen where you will celebrate your dog's birthday, you must now think about the guests and the invitations. First you will need to make a list of the guests you will invite. Next, you will have to choose a date, as you've already chosen a place.

It's best to invite neighbourhood dogs that your dog has already met and whose pet companion you are friends with. This will avoid any conflicts between dogs as they're already familiar with each other and of course, this will make the dog party easier to supervise for you.

Once you've went through the details, you'll have to make and send out the invitations. You can do these on a physical card or digitally. Make sure to decorate it nicely, put a photo of your dog and their name, as well as the date, time and place. Lastly, make sure to provide them with your contact information in case they have any questions or wish to confirm their participation in the dog party.

How to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday - Invitations


Now it's time to prepare for the party. Wherever you have chosen to throw the dog birthday party, you can do little things to decorate and prepare for the party. If you have decided on a theme for their party (Star Wars theme, costume party, Alice in Wonderland, etc.) you can decorate with banners, dog toys and adding the same theme to the dog cake.

Many people go for little birthday hats for dogs. You can buy these online or make them yourself at home. Many people think of having a dog costume party. If you're interested in this, we invite you to read our articles on the best Star Wars costumes for dogs and halloween costumes for dogs.

Another idea is having a dog birthday party with a dog theme. Makes sense, doesn't it? You can have some balloons that say “woof” or with dog faces, a dog cake with the shape of a bone and plenty of dog toys. You can also make dog-themed decoration for the pet companions too. For example, some bone shaped or paw shaped cookies for the human companions.

Food and birthday cake for dogs

Every great birthday party should have food. This is why it's important to think about what food you will provide for the dogs and their human companions. Make sure to ask their human companions if their dogs have any allergies or if they're sensitive to any type of food. You should also keep into the account forbidden food for dogs.

Once you know what not to feed your dog and their guests, it's time to plan the food for the party. Keep in mind that the party will only last a maximum of 2 hours. So a small treat for the dogs will be enough as we don't want to overfeed them and upset stomach. You can make a dog cake, cupcakes or homemade cookies for dogs. You can make these at home or buy them from a dog bakery if you have any near you. We mustn't forget to provide the dogs with plenty of fresh water as they will be playing around and will need proper hydration.

Now that you've decided on what treat to provide the dogs with, you can think about what food you will provide for human companions. Many people like to leave some salty treats such as popcorn, trail mix or crackers with guacamole, and of course a sweet treat such as cake or cupcakes to celebrate with the dogs. Drinks may include water, pop or juice. As the dogs play around we will be playing with them but also socializing with the human companions.

Fun activities

In order for your dog to have fun in their birthday party, it's a good idea to prepare some ideas on what activities they can do with the other dogs. You can offer them with plenty of toys such as balls, ropes and chew toys. Dog intelligence games is also a great idea to challenge their cognitive skills and challenge them both physically and mentally.

Another great idea is to create a fun dog agility course where the pet companions can train a couple of minutes with their dog. This can even be turned into a friendly competition and the winning dog and their human companion and take home a prize they both will enjoy.

If your dog birthday party will be held indoors, we encourage you to read our article on games you can play with your dog indoors. Other great ideas are to do a costume competition between the dogs. The winning dog and their human companion will win a prize they will both enjoy.

How to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday - Fun activities

Gifts and souvenirs

Finally, you may want to offer some souvenirs for your guests. This can be a new toy, collar, dog clothing or a blanket. It could even be a treat to take home for another day. Anything you'd like to say thanks to them for coming.

You can also make a souvenir for their human companions. This can be anything dog-related or even a photo of them with their dog at the party so they can remember the dog birthday party and cherish that memory.

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How to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday
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How to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

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