How to Deal with Cat Hair Shedding

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. June 8, 2017
How to Deal with Cat Hair Shedding

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Cats losing dead hair is a natural and irreversible process. However, there are tricks to minimise this process so that you can be more comfortable living with your beloved feline.

If you continue reading this Animal Wised article, you will find some advice on how to deal with cat hair shedding. Don't forget to comment and share your tricks so that other users can benefit from your advice!

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Brushing every day is a very effective way of getting rid of cat hair in your home and is certainly one of the best tricks to stop cat hair shedding.

Daily brushing is a routine that you and your cat must get used to. Five minutes dedicated to each other will improve your bond. The cat will be happy that you are taking care of them; You will relax for 5 minutes and you will save a lot of time sweeping the floor and removing the fluff from the furniture.

Find out the brushes for long-haired cats and brushes for short-haired cats.

How to Deal with Cat Hair Shedding - Brushing

Specific tools

There are utensils and specialised tools to get the maximum amount of dead hair out of your cat's fur. One of them is called FURminator, which consists of a brush with closely spaced bristles and an ergonomic handle. There are different varieties of this brush depending on the animal it is intended for and the length of hair. It is expensive, but very efficient and it is recommended to use weekly.

There are also metal combs and brushes with thick bristles. There are horsehair brushes which are thick, soft and when you rub your cat's hair with them, they are electrostatically charged and magnetise the dead hair, pulling them closer.

The length of the bristles should be consistent with the length of your cat's hair. Long hair, long bristles; short hair, short bristles.

Brushing during summer

One way of brushing during the summer season, which coincides with your cat's hair moulting, is to soak a flannel, rinse it thoroughly, and put it through your cat's coat, being careful not to get water in their eyes or ears.

Brushing the surface will get rid of the dead hair and make your cat feel fresh.

How to Deal with Cat Hair Shedding - Brushing during summer


Foods rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 strengthen a cat's coat, nourish the hair bulbs and improve the way the hair is anchored in the hair bulb.

Make sure your cat's food contains both of these elements in its composition, and if you see deficiencies, give your cat sardines, horse mackerel or mackerel a few times a week. Whenever you give your cat fish, make sure you remove the bones and that they are boiled or roasted.

It is important to note that if you think your cat's hair keeps falling out unusually quickly or if this has just taken you by surprise, you should consult your vet. They will confirm whether or not they are naturally molting or if underlying health conditions causing it.

How to Deal with Cat Hair Shedding - Diet


Make sure your cat does not have fleas or other parasites, since they will scratch and spoil its coat.

Pipettes, antiparasitic collars and bathing with antiparasitic shampoos are correct ways of avoiding harmful guests in your cat's coat.

You must not forget about deworming your cat internally, which can also affect the appearance of its hair.

How to Deal with Cat Hair Shedding - Parasites

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How to Deal with Cat Hair Shedding
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How to Deal with Cat Hair Shedding

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