How to Find My Lost Dog

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: September 27, 2017
How to Find My Lost Dog

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Losing your dog is a hard and painful situation, especially if you live in a country where putting down the animal is allowed. For this reason we recommend that you act quickly and decisively to prevent something bad happening to your pet.

At AnimalWised we want to help you find your beloved dog, which is why we will share some steps that every owner who has lost a dog should follow. Read on to learn how to find your lost dog and do not forget to comment and share photo of your pet. Good luck!

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Search the area where they went missing

Try to remember the last place you saw your dog for the last time (or where you have proof they were seen) and begin to scan the area. To speed up the search you can ride a bicycle. Ideally, ask a group of friends or family to help for greater effectiveness. Do not forget to shout their name, as they could be hiding.

Take treats, a noisy toy that they would recognize as theirs and even another dog they know. Family members and positive stimuli can help find them. Ask the people you encounter if they've seen a dog that looks like yours. A photo on your mobile phone will help.

How to Find My Lost Dog - Search the area where they went missing

Share it on social media

First you must share the news of your dog's disappearance on your social media profiles like Facebook or Twitter (without any privacy settings) so you can reach everyone. Include some personal details like their name, a photo, any significant markings, the area where they went missing... Then you must ask others to share your post.

In addition to your own profiles, you can even post on lost dog groups in your city, abandoned animal groups or forums that put up regular posts.

How to Find My Lost Dog - Share it on social media

Call the animal shelter

Contact the nearest kennel or animal shelter to see if your dog is there. Describe your dog in detail, leave your phone number, and most importantly, ask them to take note of their chip number.

If you have no luck, you can continue to contact shelters that are further away. Sometimes dogs can travel great distances.

How to Find My Lost Dog - Call the animal shelter

Think of places they could go

Have you lived elsewhere? Are they an adopted dog? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask yourself another: Where do you think they would go?

Try to think of all possible places that your dog would go if they could. Do not underestimate their ability to find their way; some dogs have been found to travel up to 20 kilometers - that's more than 12 miles - to go somewhere.

How to Find My Lost Dog - Think of places they could go

Put up posters

Prepare posters to hang in the area where you last saw your dog. Do not forget to add the following information:

  • A photo of the dog
  • The dog's name
  • A short description
  • Your name
  • Two contact numbers

Do not forget that a reward can motivate someone to help you find your dog.

How to Find My Lost Dog - Put up posters

Go to veterinary clinics

If they have fallen into the hands of a caring person, your dog may end up in a veterinary clinic. Do not forget to take posters and leave some there in case your dog is brought there. Remember that, in principle, the veterinarian should call you if they read the chip and it does not identify the person who brought them in as the owner.

How to Find My Lost Dog - Go to veterinary clinics

If you still cannot find them...

Do not get anxious, we recommend going through the whole process again. Revisit shelters, kennels and clinics: your dog may appear one time or another.

Take advantage of the scope of social networks and try to be original and create a video or publication that could go viral. If this does not work out you can always pay a small fee to reach more people. We wish you luck and hope that you find your best friend soon!

How to Find My Lost Dog - If you still cannot find them...

If you find your dog, do not forget to do the following:

  • Get them chipped with your up-to-date mobile and contact information.
  • Use an actual name tag on the dog's collar where you can put the animal's name and your contact phone number.
  • Do not let them loose in parks and public spaces if you think they will escape again.
  • Watch and stay alert during walks.

Find out what to do if you find a lost dog on AnimalWised.

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How to Find My Lost Dog
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How to Find My Lost Dog

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