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How to Make my Dog Love Me

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: August 22, 2017
How to Make my Dog Love Me

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If you wonder how to make your dog love you then you have certainly come to the right place. Here at AnimalWised we will help you with some tips; dogs are grateful creatures, and they respond wonderfully with treated when love and affection.

Whether you've adopted a dog from a shelter or you're just trying to impress your dog-owning new partner, our suggestions will be of great use to understand how do dogs' social relations work and how can you bond with the animal. Of course, each dog has their own personality, which is why it is important to understand that not all dogs will react the same way.

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  1. The first impression
  2. Spend time with your new friend
  3. Use positive reinforcement
  4. Always take care of your dog

The first impression

As we mentioned before, not all dogs are the same; each dog has a unique personality, their own tastes and different motivations. For this very reason it is very important to be prepared for all personality types. All dogs hold the potential to be your best friend, but you must work for it from the beginning.

A good first impression, as with people or job interviews, is essential for the dog to think of you as a positive and friendly figure. In order to do that, do not touch the dog without warning. It is preferable to make a sound (like a delicate kiss) or to say the dog's name to get their attention. Once you have it, let the dog smell you carefully before petting them.

Dog treats are ideal to start a relationship positively. Get some dog snacks and offer them up as a reward to significantly improve that first impression.

How to Make my Dog Love Me - The first impression

Spend time with your new friend

When kept as pets inside a home, dogs are limited in terms of social relations; they cannot simply walk down the street and play with other dogs if you do not allow it. For this reason, going for a walk is a wonderful option to start defining your relationship. Let the dog sniff, approach other dogs if well socialized, and even other people if they allow it.

The dog will appreciate it if you spend time with them playing games, cuddling or petting them. Dogs are sociable and easy-going, and they will mostly enjoy all shows of affection. If your dog is very active and energetic, why not go exercise with them?

Spending time with a dog is a very useful way to get to know each other, and they will highly value very highly your attention.

How to Make my Dog Love Me - Spend time with your new friend

Use positive reinforcement

Walking down the street you can watch owners who scold their dogs when they do something they do not like. Here at AnimalWised we believe you should try not to scold your dog: use a simple "no" when something displeases you.

Scolding a dog for an excessive period is counter-productive, as it generates stress and impairs learning. Instead, we recommend using positive reinforcement. This is a training technique that uses dog snacks and treats as a reward for the behaviors we find positive and appropriate in our pet. We can use it in the street when the dog urinates where it should, when they behave well, when they learn new commands, etc.

Positive reinforcement is undoubtedly the best technique for better animal behavior. It is recommended by educators, ethologists and other professionals in the dog world. It helps dogs remember what you teach them and associate it positively.

How to Make my Dog Love Me - Use positive reinforcement

Always take care of your dog

Although it seems obvious, you must take care of your dog whenever and wherever. This includes veterinary visits, good treatment, food and other daily needs. Forget or neglect any of these obligations and you will end up with an introverted, stressed or grumpy dog. Do not let that happen.

Finally, the best advice we can give in order to get your dog to love you is that you love your dog back; be patient when something is difficult or scary for your fluffy friend. Let them take their time and they will appreciate you for it.

How to Make my Dog Love Me - Always take care of your dog

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How to Make my Dog Love Me