How to Sponsor an Animal in India: Alternatives to Adoption

How to Sponsor an Animal in India: Alternatives to Adoption

Blue Cross, PAWS, IDA, PETA – these are just some of the animal shelter and rescue organizations that help animals in need of support and healthcare services. Adopting an animal is costly and many people cannot afford to foster every animal that resides in the shelter. This is why rescued animals can be sponsored.

The benefits of sponsoring an animal are multiple. If you do not have the time and resources to shell out adoption fees, you can still meet their veterinary expenses by offering to sponsor them. The contribution offsets expenses and ensures non-profit organizations are able to save more animals in the long run. Stay with us at AnimalWised to learn how to sponsor an animal in India as an alternative to adoption.

Steps to follow:

Choose a good animal rescue organization to begin with. Although you are not adopting or taking in an animal, sponsoring them ensures that animals who may be killed, abused or neglected are saved.

Updates on animals that can be sponsored are readily available in most organizations' websites. But you need to consider factors such as the transparency and accountability of the organization, its reputation and background and the activities it carries out while caring for animals.


Check out the website or catalog of the animal relief and rescue charity next. You need to decide what species or type of animal you want to sponsor. Read all about the different inmates of the shelter or the charity and see which one appeals to you the most.

All distressed animals have a right to compassion and care, so your decision should be personal and well-thought. Assess which animal you would like to extend support to. Also, choose a charity or animal shelter you can relate to.


The next step is to decide if you want to make recurring donations or a one-time sponsorship. Once you have taken a decision which Indian charity to support and which animals to sponsor, log onto the non-profit organization's website or contact their representative to take matters forward.


Check what the sponsorship offers and make your choice on the basis of this. Every animal in India deserves a right to a healthy life in a comfortable home. Charities do everything to make them feel safe and happy, but there is no substitute for a loving family and home.

Homeless, abandoned pets need special care, and charities offer volunteers a chance to be part of the sponsorship and help the animals access better care. Some organizations offer email services or newsletters so that you can get updates about how your sponsored pet is doing, and you can check up on them even if you can't adopt them as a pet.


Check how long the sponsorship will last for. Generally, charities in India aim to get sponsors to help not just one, but many animals who are looking to find a new, definitive home. Once pets are allocated to adopted families or foster care you may be asked to sponsor another animal.

It is hard to choose which animal to sponsor because they are all so loving and in need. You have to make your choice based on your capacity to pay as much as your motivation to help, because sponsorship means a solid commitment on your part. Unwanted and unloved pets also get a chance to access the care they rightfully deserve, even as an alternative to adoption.


See if you can sponsor more than one animal. Sponsorships are generally designed to keep the costs as low as possible. This means that you can take on the provision of care for multiple animals, even if you can't afford to adopt one. Check pet profiles to see which animals appeal to you and help them live happily.


Finally, obtain official proof of sponsorship. This could be anything from a sponsorship certificate to official pet profiles that are either emailed or sent to you. Actionable insights about your sponsorship impact can also serve you to help the shelter or the charity better.

At the end of the day, it is all about helping a fellow living being and showing care and compassion to those who need it the most. We hope you've convinced you to get in touch with a non-profit and to sponsor an animal in India as an alternative to adoption.

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