How to Tell if your Rabbit Loves you

How to Tell if your Rabbit Loves you

Rabbits are sweet and adorable animals, but it is not always easy to identify the signals they send us through their body language . They are sensitive and often frightened beings, with very different behavior compared to other animals.

In this AnimalWised article we will show 5 clear signs that confirms if your rabbit loves you. You'll be surprised!

1. They are calm

Rabbits are shy and somewhat cautious animals, so it may take several months for them to get used to your presence. Some may never actually get to this stage if they have had a truly traumatic experience in the past!

A sign that you are gaining the confidence of your rabbit is that they seem calm and relaxed in your presence. That means they are not fearing for their safety and they consider you a stable and trustworthy figure.

2. They lick you

Like dogs or cats, rabbits cannot resist licking your skin because they love the salty taste! However, licking does not only mean that they enjoy the flavor of our skin, it also indicates confidence.

If your rabbit surprises you at different times with delicate licks, you should be very happy, as they trust you and are expressing their affection. Reward them with a long session of pets and cuddles to show them you love them back.

3. They expose their belly to you

If your rabbit shows you their belly and lies on their back, this is a clear sign they trust you fully. This body posture, usually to demand for attention, is one of the most positive signs to tell if your rabbit loves you. So congrats!

4. They fall asleep next to you

Do you take time to massage and pet your rabbit? If so, you've probably been especially relaxed, even to the point of falling asleep.

It is unusual for rabbits to sleep so close to humans with whom they have no confidence. If your rabbit falls asleep next to you you are very lucky, as they are incredibly comfortable being with you.

5. They seek your attention

Rabbits can attempt to get your attention in many ways. Sometimes they try to push you with their tiny nose, rub their head against you or move closer to your hand for caresses. All these signs have something in common: they indicate that your rabbit loves you.

If you cater to their demands for affection get ready to listen to their little teeth grinding as well as a soothing purr. Could they be any cuter?

Do you recognise any of these signals? Let us know in the comments!

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