How to Walk Several Dogs at Once: Tips and Necessary Materials

How to Walk Several Dogs at Once: Tips and Necessary Materials

If you are thinking about adopting more than one dog, or about becoming a professional dog walker, you are probably wondering how you will manage to walk them all at once.

It is very important to know how to get organized and have all the essentials at hand to be able to offer the best care and attention for all the dogs without any risks. Walking several dogs at once isn't all fun and games, especially if they are large, active dogs that walk fast. Don't worry - AnimalWised is here to help.

Read on to learn how to walk several dogs at once, with our best tips and a list of the necessary materials.

Meet the needs of each dog

Before you start, it is very important that you know each dog individually. If you have decided to adopt several dogs at once, it is recommended that you walk with each of them individually at first and see how they behave, paying close attention. See if the dog stops often to smell, if it tends to pull the lead, if it needs more exercise than others, etc.

It is essential to take into account each dog's walking pace and their individual exercise needs: The more you know about your dogs, the better the experience will be when walking them.

It can be very harmful to walk your dogs in different groups. Even if you have several and it is difficult to get into a smooth rhythm of walking, it is preferable to walk them all at once. It is unfair for others to stay at home wondering if they've done something wrong. If you can't take all of them out, ask for help from friends or family if you think it may be tricky at first.

Two groups of dogs

Before talking about accessories that can make walking several dogs at once more comfortable, it is important to organize the dogs before heading out onto the street.

After analyzing the needs of each dog, divide the pack into two groups; you need to be able to use both hands. Especially when it comes to large dogs, you should divide the dogs into two groups of similar strength.

Group your dogs by walking pace, according to their behavior on the street or their particular tendency: The groups can change after a few walks as you will find the right combination.

Accessories for each dog

AnimalWised has always recommended the use of a harness because it prevents dogs from choking and frees them of a collar, among other advantages. From personal experience, I recommend using the Julius K9, a reflective harness that glows in the dark. It is highly secure and easy to customize.

Remember that dogs considered dangerous must wear amuzzle at all times if they are in a public space.

The anti-pull harness

To conduct the walk properly and without incident, you should pay attention to those dogs that could pull you over. Knowing how to walk several dogs at once means knowing that you must have power and control over your pets.

If you think this may be a problem or you doubt your ability or strength in walking multiple dogs, we recommend an anti-pull harness. This is a very useful tool that significantly reduces the strength of their pulling.

The harness is placed in a certain way that stops the front legs from moving freely, keeping them closer together so they cannot pull as hard. We must emphasize that the anti-pull harness does not cause discomfort or pain.

Image: Anti-pull harness
Image: Dog with correctly fitted anti-pull harness

One lead, two dogs

To reduce the number of leads and improve the quality of the walk, you can make groups of two dogs and join them together in one lead for two dogs.

These leads are especially meant for smaller or quieter dogs, although if they are long enough they can be used for any type of dog. It will help to make the walk smoother and more comfortable.

Image: Suitable lead for walking two dogs
Image: Suitable lead for walking two dogs fitted correctly

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  • The longest walk of the day should be first thing in the morning.
  • Walk calmly: Try not to run or finish quickly.
  • Respect the older members of the group. If you have an elderly dog, you should adapt the pace of the other dogs to theirs.
  • If there is a dog with high exercise needs in the group, take them all to an off-lead area so that they can move more if they need to.
  • Let them sniff wee and poo even if it seems disgusting. It helps to keep the walk calm.
  • Have them all chipped with an identification tag in case one escapes.
  • Always carry treats or rewards, as it is the best way to capture the attention of the entire group in any situation.
  • Monitor and observe all members of the pack. If the group is large you may accidentally overlook certain behaviors or health problems.
  • Treat them all equally. They all deserve the same quality of walks and affection.
  • Enjoy the walk!