Is it Bad to Give Dogs a Haircut in the Summer?

Is it Bad to Give Dogs a Haircut in the Summer?

When summer arrives, many dog owners ask themselves a question: Is it bad to give dogs a haircut in the summer?

In the majority of cases, and for almost every breed, the answer is yes. Under some circumstances and for some breeds a slight trim is advised, but never a close shave.

Keep reading AnimalWised to find out why cutting your dog's hair is not advised, the exceptional circumstances in which you can do so, and the best ways of keeping your dog cool during the summer.

What is the function of dog's coats?

Your dog's double layer of hair insulates it against the cold, but also protects it from the heat. If their coat is free of dead hair, it forms an insulating layer of air.

Therefore, brushing your dog everyday during the summer is the best way of keeping it cool thanks to its ventilated coat. During the winter a couple of times a week will be enough, but during the summer daily grooming is essential for your dog's comfort and health.

Why is hair useful?

A dog's epidermis is very sensitive to sunlight. Without the protection of its hair, the dog would most likely suffer burns as a result of being exposed to sunlight.

This is why you should never shave your dog as this would make it susceptible to being badly sunburned. It would also get much hotter than if it were covered in its natural fur.

When should you cut your dog's hair?

Some dog breeds regularly have their hair cut throughout the year, and this routine can therefore be continued during the summer. These include the following breeds:

  • Wire Fox Terrier
  • Airedale terrier
  • Maltese
  • Havanese
  • Schnauzer
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Dachshund
  • Cocker Spaniel

Show dogs have strict rules about the shaping of their coat. Their coat is regularly cut by professionals. The Afghan hound is a good example of these circumstances.

Instead of cutting your dog's hair, take care of it

For a healthy coat, your dog's fur should be free of knots and tangles. These knots harbor all kinds of dead hair, mites and other parasites.

It is essential to get rid of these problems for your dog. Therefore, slightly trimming entangled areas may be appropriate for your dog. After a light trim, you should thoroughly comb your dog's hair. If your dog's fur is very knotted, you should visit a professional dog groomer.

How does a dog's hair get tangled?

Walking through a forest or field can cause tangles. Spikes, thorns and other plants can easily adhere to the fur of medium and long-haired dogs. After the walk, it is important to brush your dog.

Beaches or rivers also cause your dog's fur to become tangled. This is especially true during the summer, when dogs love to get wet and then roll around in the sand. You must bathe your dog when you get home.

Here you can learn all about the different types of dog fur and how to care for them.

Don't forget that during the summer you should pay more attention to your dog and keep it cool on a regular basis to avoid heat stroke.

It is also useful to remember that summer brings out external parasites. You need to treat your dog for parasites and check it regularly in order to detect the early symptoms.

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