Is it Bad to Sleep with my Dog?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: July 12, 2017
Is it Bad to Sleep with my Dog?

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Sleeping with your dog can make you feel very special for a number of reasons; the closeness, the warmth or the shared affection of resting together. However, many people have serious doubts over how this may affect their health.

Whether you're doing it already or you want to do it, this AnimalWised article will resolve your doubt. "Is it bad to sleep with my dog?" Read on and make up your own mind about it!

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Is it healthy or not?

Sleeping with your dog isn't bad for your health, especially if you're sure it's completely healthy, clean and free of parasites. However, your dog must walk down the street at least twice a day. This is, of course, a dirty routine, and in doing so the animal can catch diseases.

Even so, here are some tips to prevent this kind of diseases:

  • Go to the vet every 6 months for a check-up. That means keeping the vaccination schedule up to date. Furthermore, regularly deworm your dog both internally and externally.
  • Bathe your dog every month or month and a half, and brush it to remove dead hair and prevent parasites.
  • Clean their paws after every walk.
Is it Bad to Sleep with my Dog? - Is it healthy or not?

Things you should consider before letting your dog sleep with you

If you decide to sleep with your dog it will be important to keep these details in mind, both for your safety and theirs, and for hygiene reasons:

  • If you've got a puppy, you should be very careful not to crush them while you sleep.
  • It will also be important to consider the possibility of them falling out of bed.
  • Take caution with puppies that still urinate in the house.
  • Make sure you don't let your dog on your bed if you've just came back from walking them. Clean its paws to ensure that the dirt from the street doesn't end up in your sheets.
  • Brush your dog so that they don't leave dead hair in bed.
  • Regularly check your dog to make sure they don't have parasites.
  • One of the two will probably wake the other one up every day.
Is it Bad to Sleep with my Dog? - Things you should consider before letting your dog sleep with you

Benefits of sleeping with your dog

Sleeping with your dog is a special experience which, after you try it once, it will be hard not to do time and time again. You should know that dogs are social animals who love spending time with family members. That means your dog will probably like sharing your bed with you, which will help to strengthen your bond.

In addition, sleeping together is a unique form of relaxation which evokes feelings of calm and trust, as well as mutual empathy and warmth. Sleeping with your dog makes you happier and helps you to sleep better - provided it's not a very restless dog. Their breathing will help you fall asleep more easily.

We encourage that you try it in order to understand the feeling of waking up together with your best friend. It's a special feeling!

Is it Bad to Sleep with my Dog? - Benefits of sleeping with your dog

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Is it Bad to Sleep with my Dog?
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Is it Bad to Sleep with my Dog?

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