Is it Normal for a Cat to Have a Dry Nose?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. March 4, 2018
Is it Normal for a Cat to Have a Dry Nose?

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is it normal for cats to have a dry nose? You are perhaps only asking because it seems more common for a cat to have a wet nose. As, like dogs, the noses of cats are so sensitive that we need to be considerate to any changes in them. There are, however, also many myths surrounding animal noses. Some believe that simply touching their nose can determine their body temperature and therefore reveal something about the cat's overall health.

This is a myth so widespread among cat owners that we have prepared this AnimalWised article to explain where this idea may have come from as well as understanding what does the nose really convey when assessing the health of our cat? if you have ever wondered whether it is normal for a cat to have a dry nose, keep reading to find out.

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The sensitivity of a cat's nose

It's true that if we touch our cat's nose on any sort of regular basis, invariably it will be wet and cold. This does not mean that a cat can't have a dry nose without there being some sort of underlying pathology which will make us worried about their health. You may then question why does your cat have a dry nose? It is imply because a cat's sensitive nose will change in state throughout the day as it responds to changes in its environment.

For example, if your cat is sunbathing or lying next to some sort of heat source, it is likely their nose will become warm and dry. This doesn't mean that their overall physical state is changing, but is simply being affected by environmental factors. This is why the answer to our question is positive; it is perfectly normal for a cat to have a dry nose. Why then do so many people think a cat having a dry nose means we are dealing with a sick kitty?

Is it Normal for a Cat to Have a Dry Nose? - The sensitivity of a cat's nose

Fever and dehydration

While it is indeed normal for a cat to have a dry nose due to environmental reasons, it is also true that a sick cat may have a dry nose with an elevated temperature. This is likely the reason for the proliferation of the myth. A false positive which claims any time a cat ha a dry nose it is, therefore, sick. If you want to know whether or not your cat is sick, you cannot simply test their nose. There are other, more important symptoms which need to be considered.

A cat is weak and has a dry nose

If in this case your cat is weak and lethargic as well as having a dry nose, they may have a fever and be suffering from some pathological problem. However, if we are to know whether the cat actually has a fever, we need to check their temperature using a thermometer which will need to be inserted into the rectum for an accurate reading.

This can be a tricky manoeuvre which is why many pet owners will prefer to have their veterinarian check the cat's temperature. For those who do want to take on this mantle at home, it may be helpful to know that a cat's normal temperature should be somewhere between 37.8 ºC and 39.2 ºC (100.04 ºF and 102.56 ºF).

In the same way that a dry nose does not necessarily indicate a fever, nor is it synonymous with dehydration. If we want to check if our cat is suitably hydrated, the simplest and most effective way is to take a look at its skin. If we look at the area across the shoulder, we can stretch it and see how long it takes to return to its normal place. A well-hydrated cat's skin will return to its place immediately. On the other hand, if the cat's skin remains in a fold and does not smooth out, it is likely to be dehydrated. Of course, if your cat either has a fever or is dehydrated, this is cause for a veterinary consultation.

What our cat's nose does tell us

As we have seen, it can be normal for our cat's nose to be dry and is not normally a cause for concern. This is unless it presents an additional symptomology. If we want to know how different conditions manifest themselves in a nose's condition we need to pay attention to the following details:

  • Cracks, furrows and injuries which may or may not present bleeding.
  • Black crust on a cat's nose.
  • Wounds, even if they are small in size.
  • Secretions of any color or consistency. Sometimes this is merely a small amount of mucous around the cat's nostrils.

All these signs may indicate that there is something wrong with the health of our cat. They could be suffering from rhinotracheitis (a viral infection), a dermatological problem or even potentially a carcinogenic process.

It's important to note that a cat's nose is usually pink. There may be some changes in the color of a cat's nose, possibly even turning white. Although initially not indicative of a disease, when observed accompanied by other symptoms, a trusted vet should be consulted to rule out any health risks.

Is it Normal for a Cat to Have a Dry Nose? - What our cat's nose does tell us

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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Is it Normal for a Cat to Have a Dry Nose?
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Is it Normal for a Cat to Have a Dry Nose?

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