Is it Normal for My Cat to Snore?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: February 26, 2019
Is it Normal for My Cat to Snore?

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Cats and humans can be more alike than you think. Surely you've heard (or even suffered) a person snoring while sleeping, but did you know that cats can do this too?
Snoring occurs in the airways during the deep sleep stage, caused by a vibration from the nose to the throat, involving the organs. When your cat snores at an early age, it probably doesn't mean anything in particular, it's just the way they sleep. With this said, if the snoring is sudden, it could indicate some problems we will mention below. It may be a sign that you should not ignore.

Find out if it is normal for your cat to snore in this article from AnimalWised. Keep reading!

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Snoring is common in obese cats

A fat or chubby cat often seems more adorable, but in the long run, obesity will introduce many health problems. Obesity can expose them to diseases that will endanger their quality (or duration) of life.

Among the common problems in obese cats, is that many of them snore when they sleep. The reason? The excess fat that surrounds their vital organs prevents air from passing through their airways correctly, thus, causing snoring.

Any overweight feline needs to be monitored by a vet, since they will need to be given a suitable diet, that will allow them to reach their ideal weight. In addition, combining this with exercise for overweight cats will help improve their condition.

Is it Normal for My Cat to Snore? - Snoring is common in obese cats

Common in breeds of brachycephalic cats

Brachycephalous breeds are those that have a head a little larger than other breeds of the same species.

In the case of cats, Persians and Himalayans are an example of brachycephalic heads. These cats also have a flattened nose, which is accompanied by a much longer palate than the rest of the cats.

All this, does not constitute any inconvenience for the health of your cat, so if you have one of these at home it is completely normal for them to snore.

The most common respiratory diseases in cats

If your cat has never snored and suddenly you begin to notice it, it is possible that it may be a disease that can compromise their respiratory system. The most common causes are:

  • Asthma: some cats are prone to asthma. This is a dangerous condition as it can produce an attack that leaves your cat breathless, killing them quickly.

  • Bronchitis and pneumonia: Easily confused with flu or cough. These diseases get worse with time, so they should be taken care of immediately.

  • Feline cough: This cough is extremely dangerous for cats. It can turn into an infection that can harm their respiratory system.

As well as these examples, there are other viral or fungal infections that can affect your cat's breathing and cause them to snore. Please be aware if this phenomenon occurs suddenly.

Is it Normal for My Cat to Snore? - The most common respiratory diseases in cats

Your cat may suffer from allergies

As with humans, some cats are sensitive to certain substances found in the environment, such as pollen in Spring. These types of allergies are called seasonal.
Likewise, it is possible that the allergy is caused by a cleaning product used in the home, or by the presence of dust or grit. In any case, only the vet will be able to determine if this is the source of snoring and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The presence of a tumor

Nasal tumors, also called paranarasal polyps, obstruct the airways, causing the vibration that causes snoring. If this causes the snoring of your cat, your vet will say if it is necessary to remove the tumor.

Is it Normal for My Cat to Snore? - Your cat may suffer from allergies

Your cat has always snored!

Some cats simply snore when they sleep and this does not imply any problem with their breathing. If your kitten has always snored and is showing no previously mentioned symptoms, you have nothing to worry about!

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This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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Is it Normal for My Cat to Snore?
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Is it Normal for My Cat to Snore?

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