Making your Dog Famous on Instagram

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: May 6, 2018
Making your Dog Famous on Instagram

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Dogs are increasingly popular on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on the internet in general. If you are also a lover of hashtags, likes and - of course - your dog, this is the post for you. We will tell you some tricks to make your friend the most popular dog on Instagram and cause a real buzz.

Are you ready to be your dog's manager? Do you want to know how to make it famous in a few simple steps? Do you know what are the best tricks, tips and guidelines to follow? Discover how to make your dog famous on Instagram here, at AnimalWised:

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Steps to follow:

To begin with, you should open an Instagram account for your dog. We recommend searching for an original name - something nice, catchy and identifiable.

Leave the trend of numbers or underscores behind. Combine your dog's name with a hashtag, the name of a filter or simply a version of its own name. Remember that originality reigns on social media - stay true to your dog!

Making your Dog Famous on Instagram - Step 1

The next step is to find your dog a representative profile photo. It should always be very clear, pretty, have filters and be generally adorable. Follow the Instagram style and make your own.

Additionally, it will also be good to add a short description which encourages people to follow your dog. Biographies always help users to know what content is published on a profile, and to decide if they'd be interested in being a follower or not. This small bio should also be original.

"Specialist in biting furniture", "@yourname's best friend" or "Follow me and watch me grow" are some of the contemporary doggy trends. You can also use the daily TT or give details about where your dog is from. Be creative!

Making your Dog Famous on Instagram - Step 2

Now is the time to take a look at the accounts of other famous and popular dogs on this social network. Here are some examples:

Follow similar accounts to these to keep up to date with what they share, what are the most commonly used trends and hashtags in the world of dogs. Keeping updated is essential for success!

Making your Dog Famous on Instagram - Step 3

The next step is to start regularly posting content. 1 to 4 posts per day will be enough. Analyse your followers to know when are the best times to post - early in the morning, after lunch, in the evening...

Try to be original. Use filters that enhance your dog's beauty or make it look funny - try to show who your dog really is.

Get inspired by doing activities with your dog on a daily basis, such as doing exercise, playing intelligence games or doing yoga for dogs to generate new content and moments where you can take pictures and videos. Pay special attention to the small details or to capture funny moments. You should also take advantage of particular days to dress it up and become a trendsetter.


On the other hand, you should be friendly with those who follow you and comment on your posts. Like the photos of those who like yours, follow your followers back or comment on the photos of other dogs - these will all be very good ways for you to get fans.

The more fans you have, the more your dog's popularity will grow on Instagram. You can use screenshots and tags to recommend the profiles of other famous dogs. With a little luck they'll do the same for you.

Making your Dog Famous on Instagram - Step 5

Last but not least, you should use suitable hashtags in each photo you share. Keeping on top of trends by studying websites such as top-hashtags can help you find the most frequently used ones at every time of day. Here are some examples that you can use:

  • #dogs
  • #puppy
  • #doginstagram
  • #dogstagram
  • #doglove
  • #instadog
  • #cutedog
  • #puppydog
  • #doglove
  • #instapic
  • #picoftheday
  • #like4like
  • #mydog
  • #happypets
  • #lovemydog
  • #dogoftheday
  • #dogsofinstagram

This is our advice for the time being. Feel free to comment and share your pet's profile in the comments section so that other users start to follow you too. Oh, and if your dog gets famous don't hesitate to open accounts on other social media so that it can be the most famous of all.

Making your Dog Famous on Instagram - Step 6

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This is a little late but I too have an Instagram and it's going pretty good, if you want to check out my Instagram or leave tips it's @Louiethepug_
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Interesting post! I am currently traveling with my dog in South America and was looking for ways to reach more people, mostly to share our adventure and help others who would like to travel with their dogs as well but don't know where to start. Our Instagram name is: mylastvacation in case you have any tips for us~
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Making your Dog Famous on Instagram
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Making your Dog Famous on Instagram

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