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Massages for your Dog's Ears

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. October 3, 2016
Massages for your Dog's Ears

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Maintaining a good relationship between dog and owner is essential to achieve a good outcome in terms of training and living together. You might not know it, but massaging your dog's ears can in fact be very satisfying for the dog. Would you know where to start? Do you think you're doing a good job?

This AnimalWised article will explain some interesting facts about your dog's ears and tell you how you should massage them to make your best friend feel happy, loved and comfortable. Do you want to know more? Keep reading and learn all about massages for your dog's ears!

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Why do dogs love it when you massage their ears?

Devoting time to affectionately feel and scratch each other's ears is not quite common in relationships between humans. However, it is a common gesture in human relationships with dogs. Why is that?

Dogs love the area around their ears because they have a total of 13 muscles in their ears. This makes them more sensitive, and they experience a special and pleasant feeling when petted there. You should try stroking your dog at this specific point of their body. Besides being an enjoyable experience, it will make them feel very relaxed and loved. It is also a non-verbal treat for good behavior.

Step by step guide to the best massage for dogs

Stroking your dog in a pleasant and appropriate way not only helps you establish a connection with your pet; it also relaxes them. It is a great way of getting your dog used to being handled, for example, when you need to clean their ears.

Follow this step by step guide to massage your best friend's ears:

  1. Take advantage of when your dog is comfortable and relaxed and go and join it. Waking your dog up slowly, saying nice words and giving it kisses are a great way to start a perfect massage session.
  2. Don't hold on to your dog, as it will feel too trapped and may try to escape in any direction. This should be a positive and enjoyable experience for both of you.
  3. Start to gently massage the base of the ear. When they are calm, dogs are perfectly cable of noticing even the most delicate of fingers. Be gentle and caress the area where the ears are attached to the head with slight pressure.
  4. Gently scratch the base of the back of the ears and watch your dog lower its head so that you can reach more surface area.
  5. Loosen the ears and gently move them in different directions.
  6. Stroke your dog's ears up and down.
  7. Continue massaging the neck and head if you like. Kisses, caresses and words of affection can also be included!

It won't be difficult to tell whether your dog is enjoying the massage; just listen and watch their reactions. If your dog doesn't seem to like the massage and growls, you should ask yourself whether it is suffering from some kind of discomfort in its ears. An unpleasant smell indicates that a disease is present.

Massages for your Dog's Ears - Step by step guide to the best massage for dogs

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  • If you notice your dog is uncomfortable when you give it a massage, stop doing it and take it to the vet.
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Massages for your Dog's Ears